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The latest news on the recover of Jason after his injury in Iraq by an IED.


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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Update 11/13/05 by Katy

Hello to all,

Jason's aunts Nancy ( school teacher) and Barbara(many years a physical therapist) have arrived from Idaho and immediately began a discussion by saying"Don't believe what Sue (third of the trio of sisters, each a year apart) told you about us." Jason fast on his quips replied, "Not even the good things?" Jodi Jason's girlfriend (twentysomething) leaving to return to college told Dow about his sisters: "They're cute" Remember Jason's aunts are approaching 50. Sue I am sure you would be included had you been here, so know you are cute! Barbara, Dow and Nancy began to discuss plans for Sue's 50th coming next year. Jason joined in with a San Francisco Restaurant something about "beer inside of a giant sequoia type of place." A good discussion spent the afternoon away. Jason was so tired, he fell asleep shortly after 6PM when his aunts left.

Aunt Barbara worked range of motion exercises and Jason did well. In the morning he had walked close to a circuit of the third floor. For those who haven't been at WR maybe a fifth of a mile. Good job Jason. We gave Jodi and Jason private time and went out to an excellant Lebanese restaurant in Silver Springs and got in our own 4 mile walk in a beautiful day here in DC.

I know many of you have sent cards, letters and emails expressing sorry for Jason's injuries. Jason now wants to focus on a future of bright possibilities, so do send cards of love, care, hope and dreaming the new possibilities for his life. Jason will need all the support we as family and friends can provide for his rehab will last up to a year. (Think about coming for a visit) Let us keep his future in our prayers along with his continued healing. Jason can't wait to get the "medvac off his butt wounds"

(PS: For those of you who know my "other life," I am off to the witness Monday at noon to the RC Bishops' Conference meeting in DC this week.
A good break for me, an activist who can't pass up an opportunity to "get another word in to the men in pink!")


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