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The latest news on the recover of Jason after his injury in Iraq by an IED.


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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Update 11/16/05

Hello everyone,
Today was prothesis day. The MD's have told Jason that they will return him to "same functionality he had prior to his injury." Jason is thinking of a "crow bar arm" so "I can return to my life of crime." (Don't forget his billy club arm for bar fights) They are working on preparing casts of the arm to create the foundation for his prosthesis. Jason's arm was so swollen they could not fit the foundation. Jason has an appointment early tomorrow to try again.

Jason loves Jamba Juice drinks so everyone is bringing him one when they visit so he had one before the visit to prosthesis. Today's was from Aunt Barbara and Dad who had gone in search of "head set that works" as Jason has no hands to hold the phone. We can say "Success" so if you call, Jason can sit and chat and we don't have to"hold the phone" A blessing because I was phone holder for last night when Jason talked to Jodi for an hour! Let me tell you the strange contortion of holding a phone to an ear of a man lying flat on his back in his hospital bed!

Another special event was Jason's first meeting with a general, in fact I belive it was 4 Generals, and Jason wanted me to be sure to write, "The first generals I have met and they were....Air Force, not Army!" They gave Jason these commerative coins, I am sure you in the military know what I am writing. It was a big thing because they wanted their picture with Jason to be giving him these coins. Any way they were from the Pentagon, I don't know their names but they pretty nice for generals.

Jason has heard that he can drive with one eye and the Army will send him to a special school to prepare him for driving. Also Jason can recieve a voice activated computer from the VA that is his for life along with updates in programming, etc. The American Red Cross has a volunteer who does sewing and is altering shirts, shorts and pants so Jason can wear them. It is time for Jason to "get out of the gown" as his aunt Barbara says and "into street clothes" and as we all know way more modest!

As he enters this phase of recovery, nerves are reawakening in face and buttocks and sadly this part of the healing journey has also brought his first real pain. For the last two nights he has taken oxycotin to sleep and today he really felt the pain in his right side of his face (remember 12 hours of surgery to rebuild) Let us all keep Jason's complete healing in our prayers and his experiencing minimal pain and having good night's for sleeping.

His dad and Jason watched more of the TV show Rescue Me (with Dennis Leary) jtoday and he and best friend Dan are watching another episode as I type. Col. Martha (Blessings on you) and I went to the Quixote Center for liturgy and meal as is becoming our Wednesday ritual. It is good to attend and inclusive liturgy centered on justice and peace; food for the body and my soul.


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