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Monday, November 14, 2005

Jason Has Moved 11/14/05

Jason has been moved to the rehab ward, they did it quickly to day.
New room number is 5831, that is on Ward 58.
His phone number is 202.782.9626
We expect him to be in this room for sometime.
This is also his one month anniversary of his injuries.

Jason needs lots of affirming support, do send cards and letters. Phone calls: upbeat. Think about visiting. Lots of prayers for healing of his eyesight and lower digestive tract and emotional and spiritual healing for Jason. I think one month out Jason is beginning to discover the work before him to heal and be rehabilitated. Talking about careers, "What to do when my rehab is over?" Work? Go to school? Jason is an intuitive thinker so looking at the big picture and what next is part of his life. His new night RN was saying for his "accomplishments" Jason needs to look at intermediate goals: When the butt vac comes off, when the cast come off, etc. He knows he will be at WRAMC at least 6 months to a year for rehab and to a healthy young man that is a very long time.

Jason did tell Lt Thornton about the day he woke up to see about 6 men in white peering at him. He said, "Am I dead?" That was his introduction to the team of surgeons taking care of him. Jason said the room sometimes feels like the Shrine circus with MD's, RN's, family, visitors. He said it was sometimes a little much. After today's move and wound cleaning and a difficult time with a very too small wheel chair, he said, "I'm wired" and for the first time is having a difficult time falling asleep. So I showed him a breathing technique (thank you Chaplain Diana) and will stay longer at his bedside this evening. Do keep us all in your prayers; Jason asks prayers for his complete recovery.


Blogger Dennis said...

It was an honor for Anne and me to finally meet Jason, since the one time at Lisa's wedding reception. He was so very cordial to us, despite the circus swirling around the room: having just changed rooms, his frequent requests for ear cleaning, his grogginess, two very doting and loving aunts, nurses, doctors, Dow in and out, and these two "strangers" from another life down in Southwest VA.Anne and I had to sort out our impressions which were: 1. Jason is improving gradually and with determination; 2. He is extremely optimistic and would not even discuss depression, my dark friend.I hope he never has to deal with it, but it may happen in time and I think that would be natural; 3. He is a precious son, nephew, brother, boyfriend, and great soldier to honor and love. I encourage anyone who can to visit Jason. And do write cheery cards and notes to him. (Katy, sorry we missed you. Hope to see you today.Did you find the CD we brought? It would put anyone to sleep, so please use it when needed.)

Tuesday, November 15, 2005 5:47:00 AM  

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