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The latest news on the recover of Jason after his injury in Iraq by an IED.


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Cpt. Jason Scott
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Mologne House Hotel #316
6900 Georgia Ave. NW
Washington DC 20307

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Monday, November 21, 2005

Update 11/21/05

Hello to all,
Jason had lots of company today: I hope I don't leave anyone out.
Opthamology MD: Jason's left eye is now about 20/40 in vision. Please continue to pray for a miracle of healing for his right eye, the bleeding caused loss of the photo receptors. Now we know what to pray for.

Dr. Golarz stopped with his team; Jason is taller than Dr. G--first time standing side by side we took a picture! It should be on the web pretty quick now. Dr. G was surprised Jason was up and walking the halls. Jason now walks from the elevators to the room when he returns from a therapy. (about a 100' so he is trying to get in walking time whenever he can!) Dr. G said, "I am having a great day NOW!"

Dr. Lindsay stopped with her team. She is the plastic surgeon that rebuilt Jason's face in a 12 hour surgery. She is happy but said Jason might elect surgery on the scar for cosmetic reasons down the line-6 months plus.

The nutritionist: Jason has questions about general diet and healing diet and also taste and smell. The nutritionist said she'd come back with the food chart and tongue taste bud chart.
We gave Jason some Pasta and smoked mozzarella from Whole foods and he said, "Wow I can taste that!" Guess it had a bite. He wants us to buy more!

Bob and Judy Madigan from Blacksburg: They babysat Lisa almost 29 years ago when I was giving birth to Jason. So they know Jason since "in utero" retired now they came up to spend the day. Judy is a fabric artist: she, her daughter Cathy and granddaugter entered a quilting contest-three generations and won! Her work is on exhibit.

Patrice Jason's American Red Cross volunteer: Jason was so busy he asked her to come back "during a more quiet time"

Two represetntatives of 3rd ID, one from Ft. Stewart, one Sgt from WR. Sgt is actually an officer stationed here to help with any soldier of 3rd here at WR. He said he would be visiting every 2/3 days to make sure Jason was getting all needs met. The gentleman from Ft. Stewart said he would be back in a month "to take Jason out to lunch"

Captain Wilson(pt at WR) came in to talk about his own experiences and plans for the future.

Col Thad, chaplain, Jason liked him. Of course Fr. Thad, Carmelite had to ask Jason, "How is your mother behaving?" I wasn't in the room, sad how quick I get a reputation with the "Good Fathers."

Interchange with Steve Taylor (Dow's first grad student-now prof at Miss. State)
Steve: So you are going to get a "wacking stick prosthesis?"
Jason: "yes"
Steve "How much to wack your dad?"
Jason"$20 bucks"
Steve: "Deal"
Jason may have a new career "wacking stick wacker" for hire. You can take it from there.
Jason says he is first going to use it on the but vac!

Today Jason walked the floor of WR 3 times around, YES!
Today Jason read regular book print, YES!
Jason was back to painting the moose today in OT and doing residual arm weight lifting.
In PT lots of work walking and strength training for his legs.

On the downside, how does a patient rest?
Blessings to everyone.
Dennis asked for us to give an address:
(you don't want to go to the army system, way too slow)
Dow, Katy and Jason Scott
%Mologne House hotel
6900 Georgia Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20307


Anonymous Dan said...

Keep those plastic surgeons away! All hard men have wicked facial scars. I was thinking about picking one up myself down at Wal-Mart.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005 5:45:00 PM  

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