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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Update 11/19/05

Hello to all,
Saturday is a slow day in the hospital.
Dr. G came by early and took out some stitches on the right side of season's bottom.
It is infected so the MD's put him on Keflex/keflor (?) taken orally.

Lisa, Jason's sister, arrived from FL around 10 AM and we gathered up all the goodies she brought with her from FL-half a huge suitcase full and headed for the hospital. At the same time Dow's very first graduate student from Virginia Tech ('79) Steve Taylor arrived to take Dow out for the day. They headed down to the Smithsonian. Couldn't get into the aerospace Museum they said the line was over a block long. Guess a whole lot of folks come to DC for Thanksgiving week. So the two profs did the Museum of Natural History. Steve was down in Mississippi helping to clean up after the devastation of Katrina (state employees were mobilized). He said he had never seen such devastation. 150' from the beach was swept clean of everything. "Much worse than the TV news" was his evaluation.

Jason had PT this morning as he does 7 times a week. Today he was trying "to step up the stair" did two sets of 20. Did some walking unassisted. Then back to bed to get a rest and eat lunch. Lisa and I went out while Nan a DC friend spent the afternoon telling Jason about the genealogy of her family. They can trace 28 generations. Jason couldn't let that go by, "Well, we can only do one generation!" I looked and said, "Say what?" Jason deadpanned, "Well, we don't know who my father is." The man may be wounded but I hit him anyway! (very lightly on the shoulder) What is a mom to do with such a fast mouth son? Jason was very pleased and said that my facial expression took me off his list of "people I will wack with wacking stick" (remember his billy club arm, it has added an "LA attitude" and is now called a "wacking stick"). Of course that is for today, what fortune tomorrow may bring me?

I had scheduled a acupressure session for Jason and Yvonne spent about an hour with him. I am not sure how Jason felt after. We will see if Jason wants her to come back. I will keep looking for a traditional massage. Jason continues to have pain in his right leg extending down from the buttocks wounds. Today was the first day he said, "I feel like I have an appetite." Sense of taste is still gone as well as smell. He can now taste sweet. Getting different twinges etc in his face at different times so the nerves are "reawakening" Favorites are Jamba Juice drinks and sliced cukes from the salad bar. After Jason drinks the Jamba he is cold and has goose bumps; so we have to cover him up with a blanket until he warms up again! Jason says he goes by texture and feel for food.

The highlight for Jason was the arrival of an acopella(sp?) Baptist quartet from NC. They sang three songs and were excellent. Jason really enjoyed them even though he does not listen to Gospel. Jason liked their talent, as we all did. The RN's and techs stopped by to listen. This was the first time for the quartet to make visits to Walter Reed.

Please keep Jason in your prayers as you attend church on Sunday; especially this infection and his eyesight. Blessings and many thanks


Blogger Katy, Jason's mom said...

I used spell check and didn't check what it was going to change so...Jason became "seasons" Go figure

Saturday, November 19, 2005 9:06:00 PM  

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