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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A day late/computer ate blog

Good News/ Bad News
Jason had his cast taken of his left arm today.
Good news Jason's arm is healing. Bad news, it is not healing correctly.
The MD's said that in wounds of this kind, often the body's healing process is "tricked" and this time Jason's body is tricked into healing the two bones, as described in Uncle Bob's assessment, as if they are only ONE. That is, the space between the bones is also filling in with new bone growth. The MD's recommended exercises to try to "free" the space (I wasn't present at the explanation). They will keep a watch and further surgery may be necessary to remove this excess healing bone being layed in by Jason's body. At this time Jason cannot turn his wrist "palm up" The OT gave Jason exercises to help with the mobility of his thumb and wrist. Jason has 3 long surgical wounds with prominent stitch marks probably each 1/3 away around his arm. I would say they vary in length from 5 to 10 inches. (I felt queasy when I saw the fresh scars, knowing he may face more surgery. Please pray that Jason's arm heals correctly.

One therapy that I haven't described yet is "What to do for vertigo?" Jason suffers from vertigo caused by the IED bomb blast. Again, I apologize because I am not medical. My understanding is, our inner ear the cochlea has tiny crystals that act like a gyroscope and keep us standing. The bomb blast broke the crystals loose and because they are floating around in Jason's ear he can't balance sometimes. Like when he stood up in the moving elevator and passed out. The therapy exists of rolling Jason's around in a circle while he is lying on a table in a very specific pattern "to float the crystals home." (I took pics, hope to get to web soon.) Imagine the crystals being turned through the cochlea pattern till "they come to rest" The specialist I believe told Jason that new ones will grow. Jason felt really good after the first treatment a week ago and felt okay after the "two circles" today (although watching Jason turn, I was sorta getting dizzy.) Laurie, PT who was helping, said,"Don't worry Jason if you vomit because I have another set of clothes." (the woman knows how to be reassuring :-)) I guess vomiting must be a side effect of the treatment, like when you ride a roller coaster. Jason appeared fine. Let us pray that his vertigo heal without side affects.

In PT Jason set a record, he did 6 circuits round the 3rd floor without an assist. He was rightfully proud of this feat. It was so neat to make the round because staff who know him stopped in the hall and said, "Good job Jason." I got a picture of the DON on the 65th ward. She is a really nice major who had been a birthing nurse and was recently called to active duty by the army. She was with us when Jason had just arrived from Germany and really tried to provide the best quality of nursing care that WR would permit her. The major said, " I knew you were tall, but to see you standing..." Everyone on Ward 58 smile big smiles to see Jason up and walking. All the staff really want him to succeed and play such an important part in his recovery process. Blessings to all the good people and roles they fill in Jason's healing process.

Dow is busy preparing to return to Chicago for some work related meetings fro the 8th to the llth, Jodi will be coming to visit. Let us pray that Jodi does well on her finals this week.

We went to Whole Foods to buy Jason a Jamba Juice but the Jamba juice gift card is not accepted by this WF computer. I know some folks have talked about getting JJ cards for Jason, please don't until WF's gets this problem straightened out. IF you do come to visit, do stop by WF's in Silver Spring and purchase one for Jason, Original size with citrus/sour flavor and a boost of protein. Jason is fun to watch drinking a JJ because he really likes them and will "drink them down in one gulp" However right now he immediately breaks out in double goose bumps by the time he finishes the drink. So I put a sheet on Jason, often add a blanket or turn the heat up to 80 degrees. I think Jason would drink as many as we would bring even if it resulted in a "brain freeze."

Dennis has been a good support for Jason and us; spending time with Jason in OT and PT while we chased the Christmas letter and movies for Jason. One called Aeon Flux, I guess from MTV-late at night. Dow asked theBorders clerk, "for my son". The clerk, young guy in his 20's looked at Dow very funny and asked, "How old?" When Dow replied, "28" the guy said, "cool" and went to help him find it. (it is definitely not a Disney cartoon) The USO brought in a wonderful dinner prepared by restaurants including Shula's which Dennis said is a very good one. We had a pasta, fish cake to die for, a Belgium stew (too peppery for me) a wonderful mixed green salad, variety of deserts, and beef so tender you could cut it with a fork. Very good except it arrived hours late (after 8 PM) because of the snarled traffic from the snowy conditions, 5 inches forcasted. So while we waited, we ate chocalotes for appetisers and Jason did another 2 laps around the floor.


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