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The latest news on the recover of Jason after his injury in Iraq by an IED.


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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Really Thursday

Jason took a shower this morning and headed for PT. A PHD (I think) in PT was with Kyla this morning trying to figure out more exercises for Jason to free his frozen right hip. After lunch Jason and I headed for OT where we met Dr. Todd. Dr. T, Jason, and John shared stories of "stupid sports things we did as kids." They had a great time talking while Jason attempted to work the prosthetic arm by picking up cones. When he oversends signals the hand turns completely around. Jason and John agreed that the arm was working much better after "its tune-up" on Tuesday with Dan from CA.

After his hour OT Jason went back to PT on his own. He and Kyla worked on a set of exercises for strengthening his upper arms-biceps, triceps, etc. So we spent another 40 minutes or so working out. I got to move the weights depending on which ones Jason wanted to lift.

After his second visit to PT Jason returned to his room and within a few moments "zonked out" on the bed. Alison came by for a visit and she and Jason later watched Family Guy together. Steve Taylor stopped by for a visit with Jason and Dow. Steve had seen Jason about three weeks ago and could not believe the change in Jason especially his ability to walk. Dow and Steve went out to dinner and when he returned Jason was happily talking to Jodi for his evening phone visit with her so Dow and I left.

Blessings and hope that you are all amidst preparing for your holiday gatherings.


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