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The latest news on the recover of Jason after his injury in Iraq by an IED.


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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sunday at WR

As you know Sunday is quiet at WR.
Jason tried to go to PT but the room on the 5th floor was way too hot today! So Jason stayed in the hall and did stretches and steps and walked the circuit around the floor. Jason slept in today as PT was not until 10:30.

Jodi arrived about then and I headed off to liturgy with the Catholic community to celebrate Gaudate Sunday or the third Sunday of Advent. I often wondered as a child why we were to rejoice halfway through Advent. This year I do rejoice that Jason is alive and doing well each day. I rejoice in the friendship offered by so many people to Jason and ourselves.

Today was another day of feeding himself and Jason now can hold a gatorade bottle, 4 oz juice box, or styrofoam cup to drink from. Because of his wrist problems Jason cannot use a spoon, he cannot manipulate it. Jason must eat with a fork or with his fingers. His daily breakfast is a bagel which I slather with cream cheese and slice into strips. There has been little improvement in his taste, smell or ability to open his mouth almost 2 months after his injuries.

Jodi and Jason watched football while I went to the mess hall for lunch. There I met another mother whose son was injured about a month ago. Her soldier, her only son, lost both legs to an IED. When Lisa and I met her, the family had just arrived from Germany. Today she told me when the army notified her, the person said something to this effect, "We only send families to Germany if there is a probability that the soldier may die." This really upset her and she still is in anquish about how she was told her son was injured. When she met us that first evening, she was overwhelmed and passed out on the floor in the dining hall. She wound up in the ER. My heart goes out to each family I meet. They are the true heroes of America, loving their children passionately; they teach me how much Godde loves us. For Godde loves us more than the human who loves us the most and these families really, really love one another. They stand with their children in horrible pain and suffering. It brings tears to my eyes, I honor them and ask Godde's blessings upon each of them and their soldiers.

After lunch Jason wanted to watch Best in Show a comedy about dog shows and the people who show dogs. It was fun but I couldn't sell Jason on making microwave popcorn that had come in a Christmas goodie bag given to him. So we laughed and enjoyed the silliness of it all. Before I left for dinner and the apartment we walked with Jason around the floor three more times. So Jason keeps walking and it is so good to see him standing in all his 6' 4."

May you rejoice this Gaudate Sunday in all the blessings and gifts given to you especially the gift of life and your own uniqueness.


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