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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Sat Jodi arrives

Hi to all,
I have the vaporiser on and thanks to Contact slept from 10 to 6 am, plan to do the same tonight. Jodi arrived at about 10:30 in plenty of time to go to PT on the fifth floor. Jason was not too happy (Jason was hoping for Jason 2 who gives him a good workout) because a new PT was there and she did not do a routine but asked Jason what he wanted. Jason did crunches and lateral stretches to the point that he actually was sweating. Jodi and he walked the halls with me behind with the "back up chair." I don't know if he needs a back up but he reported vertigo while he was exercising on the mat so I thought I had better bring it. I guess he will need another "vertigo treatment." Jason also complained of pain in his right eye so he will see the opthamologist this coming week. Also the dermatologist for his skin-face and breakdown on his elbow.

After we took Jason back to his room, I took Jodi off to where she is staying, with the directors Mary and Diann of WATER (Women's Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual) and their daughter Men whom they adopted from China 4 years ago. Jodi is staying an easy 15 minute walk N on Georgia in their home which is a block or so behind the Center. We took a quick tour of Silver Springs-Hollywood to return films and Whole Foods for a Jamba Juice then headed back to the hospital. Jason was relaxing on the bed watching CNN and complaining the news was "fluff." Donald Rumsfeld visited the ward and saw four patients, Jason was interested in seeing him but Jason wasn't one of the soldiers chosen. I was expecting to see MP#1 who is huge (He was with Ms. Pace and the British Ladies) lurking in the halls and then I would have known where the visitors were. Didn't catch site of anyone so they must have been short visits.
We had purchased sandwiches at Whole Foods so we offered some to Jason who wasn't eating today except a bagel at breakfast and an Ensure. It was about 4PM and Jodi was going to take Jason for another walk. I was too tired by this time and headed back to the apartment. Jodi and Jason would watch a movie later.

As a chaplain:
A lot of patients were discharged over the last couple of days. Today we got a new patient fresh out of surgery. A very, very young soldier just out of basic who slipped on the slush/ice and broke her leg badly. She had run out her cell phone and needed to make a call to her duty officer and didn't know what to do. Jason had the same RN and she told us of the plight of the dead phone so I asked if I could go next door to see if I could be of some help. I took Dow's which I don't know how to operate (you all know me and cellphones). I asked the soldier what she needed and called 411 to get the number of the fort which got me its fire department, then the police department of the post. (You can't use the room phones without a phone card and they take so long to use and my soldier was crying real tears from the pain and being alone. So that is why I used the cell and called 411) She finallly got her duty officer who talked to her. I went and talked to the RN at the desk who said the patient could call her and she would put the phone call through for her. I asked the soldier, "What would you like to eat or drink?" like Jason she had been nauseated from the anesthetic. When Jodi and I went to Whole Foods we got her a Jamba Juice, grapes, baby carrots and Jelly Belly beans ( a dad of another soldier gave a jar of about 2 pounds to Jason). She liked the Jamba Juice and seemed to be feeling better. WR may keep her an extra day because of her pain issue. I will try to see her on Sunday if I can.


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