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Monday, December 12, 2005

Jason Takes a Shower

Hello to all
Jason took his first shower today by himself, not in the room shower but in the bathing area. The aide wanted Jason to use a bath chair but Jason cannot sit by himself and can not get up by himself. Jason said "I'll take a shower by myself!" which he did. Scott his aide only had one anxious moment. Jodi's mom RN had recommended that Jason hold the shampoo with his residual arm and pour into his left hand. The first wash Jason said worked well, but the second time he was all soaped up so his right armpit wouldn't hold the soap so it fell. "Crash" Scott, of course I am sure, had visions of Jason falling in the shower! Jason said he felt so much better having his first shower in almost 8 weeks. He will be able to take a shower whenever he wants from here on out.

In PT time was spent trying to loosen up Jason's right hip (Dow said that Jason was in tears from the workout) and in OT time was spent trying to break up the excess bone in his left arm. After that Jason had to go to the dental lab for the panaramic picture of his jaw trying to get an idea why he cannot open his mouth. So he was gone from his room about 6 hours today. He walked about 11 laps of the floor today, 8 in PT and 3 more before we left the building this evening.

Jason had one visitor today especially for you country music fans Carly Goodwin, left a picture and a CD.

Jodi and Jason had carry out Chinese for dinner then watched the latest version of the "Dukes of Hazzard" Jason's very favorite TV show when he was little. In fact, one day he ran through the house and we watched in amazement as he flung himself at the patio door in the kitchen. KaBam, he almost knocked himself out! "Jason why did you do that?" Seems like the Duke boys had just jumped through the window on the TV show! He was going to give it the "good ole boy" try.

Dow and I spent the dinner hour at Nora (age 2) and Keary and Lisa's home. It was fun to be with a two year old and her proud parents. Thank you so much for your hospitality.


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