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The latest news on the recover of Jason after his injury in Iraq by an IED.


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Cpt. Jason Scott
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Mologne House Hotel #316
6900 Georgia Ave. NW
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Phone: 202 577 0092

Thursday, December 08, 2005


Hello to all,
Dow was off to Chicago and Loyola University. Dennis was off to Darien so Thursday is a quiet day. Jason's firsts included: He was up to 10 times around the floor, about 8000 feet give or take a few, so I figure he will be adding up the miles pretty quick. Jason was weighed the first time today and is at 202.7 pounds. He thinks he lost about 30 pounds since being injured.

Other firsts included:
First time to eat left handed with fork-chicken parmeson and noodles.
shave with an electric razor, left handed without a mirror, left only a couple
of very small spots. Did a great job.
Holding a small cup, Jason drank a 16 oz Jamba juice "It feels so good to hold
my own cup."

Jason's hearing is returning: We had to take down the clock as it was ticking too loud and we had to turn off the "leg pumpers" because they make too much noise so he couldn't fall asleep. We turn them back on after he falls asleep. The bed no longer makes the hum (became white noise for Jason) as he is now in the normal hospital bed. With the butt vac gone, when Patrice came to visit she remarked, "It is so quiet in here" and then began to list the "noisemakers" that caused the various hums, now all removed.

The team of medicals wants to hold a family meeting next week to talk over what must be done Jason skill and support-wise so he can go outpatient and move to the Malogne House. I have a feeling by the first of the year, WR wants him to be outpatient. With no surgeries planned at this time, what remains is therapy and Jason can walk over from the Malogne House each day for his morning PT and afternoon OT sessions. Today Patrice and I tried to get Jason out of bed to go to OT. We got him stuck at a funny angle and I yelled "Nurse." I think there is a way to go before I will be comfortable being the "non-medical assistant" with Jason at 6' 4" and over 200 pounds, this momma cannot do much. I worry about his vertigo, etc. If Jason were to fall, there would be nothing I could do; we'd both go down and that would definitely not be a pretty sight. The plan is for Dow to return to work and I to stay at WR until my Family Leave is up and then we would go from there.

For entertainment: Jason got Best of Show and the. I also got a few other movies so Jodi and he can watch movies this weekend to pass the time. Tonight Dan will visit and tell Jason of his visit to the Middle East this past week. With Dow gone, I am doing the moring shift and this morning I couldn't get to sleep after he left at 4:30 so I am going to the room to hopefully get a good night's sleep. Went to the Quixote Center on Wednesday for liturgy, as usual a blessing of peace and lots of good food after! Martha is off to Vietnam, blessings on the journey.


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