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Saturday, December 17, 2005

The Weekend-Saturday

Dow began the day with Jason and discussion of what is needed before he can transition to out patient. In PT, normally on third floor but on weekends on the fifth very near Jason's ward, the PT really worked to unlock Jason's right hip. Jason can sit back on hospital bed by himself only when he raises it almost to the maximum height. He needs two people to help him get up or sit down on the bed when he sets it at normal height. Jason could not sit on the hotel room beds or get up by himself. He has no leverage because of the broken left arm problems and no right arm. Jason's core body is not strong because of his wounding and the wounding of his hips.

After PT we returned to the room and Dow went off to the room to work on his prof projects. Jason and I returned to the room for lunch and to wait for Chris to visit. (They must have had a good night out on DC for Dan's last night before deployment as Chris did not arrive till after 2PM) Chris brought another friend Paul from Chicago and the guys settled in to watch football and to eat all the snacks they hadn't eaten the night before. Knowing they were coming, I had purchased power drinks in black cans with red lettering "Power this, power that." They were happy and drank them immediately. I am sure that the conversation was lively and who knows when they will fall asleep tonight! Dan has an overnight flight, it will be a long one if he can't sleep.

Dow and I went out to eat and on the way back Dow stopped to get the guys Chinese carryin. When Dow got back the guys were set up to eat in the family room which has one of those huge TV screens watching football which makes sense because Jason's room TV is about 12 screen and would be a devil for three guys to watch. The guys couldn't eat all the Chinese so invited one of the male nurses whom Jason likes to join in! CC said that the nurses on his ward were having a shower and he was definitely not going to go. As he only had 2 patients (census is falling as we approach Christmas) CC decided to come visit patients on 58. "That's all for Saturday night in Walter Reed."

Dow and I headed for the apartment where I am working on the blog and he is doing Christmas cards.


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