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Friday, January 27, 2006

Martha Retires/Lisa arrives for a visit

Today was a big day for Col Martha Turner who retired after 30 years in the US Air Force.
I arrived at Jason's room at the regular time, 7:30 AM and found him awake and ready to start his very busy day. I needed to run to the dining hall, because for the first time, the kitchen gave Jason "strawberry cream cheese spread." "Mom, can you get me regular cream cheese?" I picked up a serving of bacon and cream cheese for the soldier patient. After breakfast it was time to get dressed in the army BDU's including tanker boots. RN Dana Brown and I, both non-military, had a dickens figuring out the long "belt" that is wrapped around the calf high boot. By 8:30 it was time to "hit the road" in the rented mini-van and head for Bethesda. Traffic was good and with Martha having taken us on a "dry run" we got to the University with no trouble. She had gotten us a special parking permit that parked us right by the door so Jason would not have to walk a great distance.

The cermony included speeches, presentation of awards, and the many highlights of Martha's long and distinquished career including her work internati0nally in India and Vietnam. Martha introduced Jason and had him stand for recognition from those in attendance. Martha will be continuing her involvement in international nursing affairs and training in her retirement. Many of the persons present introduced themselves to Jason after the ceremony. We met the retired general who is president of the Women in Military Service Memorial located at Arlington Cementary. (I was happy to be able to say that we have already entered Jason's grandmother Joybell Sims Scott and Jason's great aunt on my mother's side Irene Borkowski Harrington who both served honorably in WWII in the data base located in the memorial.) The general has been disappointed in the number of women who have served who have registered. She encouraged us to tell everyone to register family members who have served in the military. After we enjoyed a tasty luncheon of international foods and sat with friends from Quixote Center, Ken and Nancy. Martha had told us of the NEX on campus so Jason decided to stop and shop awhile after lunch. We spent an hour as Jason looked for clothes and came away with a new pair of levis, new wallet easy to open and display his ID, 3 long sleeve pullovers, a new pair of shorts for PT and work out top from UpperArmour. It was so good to be with Jason as he shopped and enjoyed the outing of being in a store on his own.

On the way back to WR we did get lost but quickly righted ourselves. We got a call from Gary and April and the kids who were waiting for Jason in his room. Gary served with Jason in Iraq. Jason arrived, changed clothes and headed out with the family for a car tour and dinner. I waited for Lisa to arrive which she promptly did at 5PM. Lisa went to Jason's room and of course--no one there. We connected at Mologne House, decided we didn't know when Jason would return so we headed out to Silver Springs. We ate at the Noodle Bowl and watched "The Last Holiday" with Queen Latifah whom I really enjoy. A very nice evening with my daughter, a blessing for me as we rarely get to go out, just the two of us. Blessings to each of you, hug your family and friends and celebrate their presence in your life. The circles of joy and hope we live in, let us remember and give thanks.


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