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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day at WRAMC

Regular day of PT/OT today for Jason. Up at 7 AM and over to WR at 8:30. Kyla continues to stretch out his right leg/hip and stretch his mouth. Jason's MD wants to see if the dental department can make a splint to wear at night because Jason is finding that each morning his jaw has tightened up.

If you remember, I slammed my leg against the wall a couple of months back while attempting to steady a chair as Jason sat down. Today in PT I asked Kyla if there was anything I could do as periodically the injury hurts me around the knee. She put a wonderful heat pack on it for about 20 minutes and recommended that I do the same twice a day. I am taking Alleve also so hopefully it will heal in time. I can now say, "I attended PT at WR" along with Jason.

Jason left PT at 12 to talk to Jodi and get a sandwich from the deli shop on the 3rd floor of WR. I stayed for PT's Valentine's pot luck with the main dish being huge sub sandwiches from Subway. We ate wonderful homemade salads including a curry chicken with raisins and potatoes. Kyla made this wonderful Scarlet Ribbon cake with red texture and white chocolate icing. We were serenaded by a musician who played a guitar and the harmonica and sang the old favorites. I thought "Will the 20 something soldiers like these?" I asked Chris sitting next to me, he replied, "Sure my dad played these all the time," so I am glad all the generations could enjoy the music.

After it was time for me to engage in the "Great Paper Chase" to switch from Invitational Travel Orders (order that got Dow and I to WR from Chicago) to Non-Medical Assistant. As with all bureaucracies paperwork got lost, items changed, data not entered, etc. I needed to get one form signed by 3 different departments/persons. I needed forms from, I believe, 3 different offices including Jason's MD documenting his need for a non medical assistant in the coming months. The orders must be refiled every 30 days for as long as Jason has need as approved by the Medical team. After going to Casuality Affairs (I think very aptly named) I had to go to the Finance department(different building) where they verified I had not been reimbursed for some of Jan/Feb costs. The soldier assured me that "the check would be deposited in a timely fashion." Casuality Affairs had told us a few weeks back that a new department was being created to handle the payments to we parents/family at WR, can't remember where it is located, but they also talked about a "new computer system." I'll let your reactions take you where they do.

Jason and I watched some of the Westminster Dog Show in NYC before he headed off to his "Great Paper Chase." Jason, with a college degree, had to take a test with the VA to prove that he is capable of handling college level work. Jason said the test was a challenge in that he hadn't done such testing since "8th grade." The test also had many sections, so it took Jason from 2:30 to about 4 PM. He checked the circles as the test was multiple choice, an assistant will finish the circles for Jason so the test can be graded by a computer. Jason then spent some time talking to the Un. of FL Business Program Director of Admissions about his planned entry to the two year MBA this fall. Jason hopes that everything at WR including his medical board review (for retirement from the army)will be completed by the end of August.

I asked Jason if he would like to walk the track outside of Mologne as the day got warmer as the afternoon got later. Jason declined so I left him watching TV and headed for the track for about an hour. It was good to be outside and I fed the squirrels and the first cardinal I have seen on the grounds. I carry peanuts with me on my walks. One of the squirrels was black, not a different species but a gray squirrel, as we learned in Chicago.

As the sun went down, I headed back to the room. I spent some time in the lobby talking to two other patients and their mothers. One has just returned from convalescence leave of 30 days and there is no room at Mologne for them. They will be put up in a local hotel until a room opens at Mologne. Both men were friends in the Airborne and had roomed together before. When they are independent enough, both have leg wounds; they plan to room together at Mologne.

Jason ate part of the subway sandwich I brought from PT's lunch for his dinner and I ate a snack bar and dried fruit and nuts. After we worked on a claim form for items that were stolen after being packed in Iraq to be returned here to Jason. The men at Ft. Stewart tried to find the 300 DVD's that "went missing" but have made no progress. We will turn in the form tomorrow and Jason should have a "check in the mail" in a week. He is sad to see his collection of favorite movies lost. Jason went downstairs to talk to Jodi on the cell phone because I really did want to see the dog show. Thank you Jason.

I hope your Valentine's Day was filled with love, laughter and hope for happiness in this year 2006. It is understood by the world's religions that the Force that undergirds the creation of the universe is Love. May Love be in you, with you, through you, and surround you this day and for all of your life.


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