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Friday, March 31, 2006

Jason Gets a Workout at 7 AM

Kyla had asked Jason to be a willing "subject" for an inservice for the PT department this morning at 7 AM. The method of PT was called Active Isolated Stretching: The Mattes Method. The difference is that a stretch is only held for 2 seconds with many repititions. James the PT therapist leading the session was pouring sweat as he worked on Jason. I think he had to use 2 towels to keep dry. Some of the stretches were done on a table with Jason belted in place. Jason received about a 1 1/2 hour of stretching. When it was over Jason said that Kyla had done the same or very similar exercises and he felt about the same after the work out. Jason thought that he would see if he could go in the afternoon maybe a couple of times a week for a session with James as James is located at a Metro stop in Bethesda near the White Flint Mall. I encouraged Jason to do this as he needs work to break up the scar tissue in his buttock area to make it functional.

I stayed for the session then returned to the room until Jason came at about 11. Said he had a good workout this morning. We headed toward Ft. Belvoir and spent time shopping at the PX. I got a couple of pairs of summer weight capris as we are experiencing 75 degree weather in DC. Jason purchased quicksilver shorts and a couple of new shirts; one a polo with small orange horizontal stripes, I thought very different for him but I know it will look good on Jason. We ate lunch at the PX (first time for me), Jason had tacos and I ate a salad wrap. Jason told me about how the concessions have to maintain "Army Health Standards" that are higher than the general public health standards. On the way out we stopped outside of the gate and picked up Jason's name tags for his uniform.

We had had a good trip and now to get back to Silver Spring more directly than the route we took yesterday. Jason lamented that he had forgotten to purchase a Ft. Belvoir tee for his friend Dan, now in Jordan, returning next week and whose office is next to Ft. B (you have been saved Dan-this time) On the way home we got stuck in traffic jams and spent a lot of time creeping up 495 on the west side of DC. Jason decided that it was time to see Ice Age II which we enjoyed but Jason wasn't as good as the original. Like Jason the favorite part in the movie for me is the little squirrel's many, many failed attempts to get the acorn. It reminds me of the coyote and the road runner; a goal that is never achieved. But life is the process, not the end.

After we ate at the Noodle Bowl and then headed for the Mologne House Hotel for the evening. I asked Jason if he wanted to walk around the track with me but he said, "No" his hip was hurting from the morning's work out session. I headed out and walked my two miles at twilight amongst the birds singing night song and the magnolia abloom in the lamps. Truly spring is a blessing. And may spring take place in Jason's body, mind and spirit bringing new life and renewal.

May each of you have a beautiful spring weekend with family and friends. Dow is in Sacramento celebrating his sister's 50th this weekend. Have a wonderful weekend Susan and family as you work on genealogy for The Scotts.


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