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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Katy Meets Women from Iraq

Jason followed his regularly scheduled day. PT at 8:30 followed by more paperwork in OT with John Verdoni as he completes the paper work on Jason before John leaves the Army mid April. Sunday Col. Grimsley had invited Jason to come to the Pentagon. Jason began to discuss the need for his required dress, a desert uniform that did not come with him from Iraq. Jason plans this special tour of the Pentagon with his friends from Ft. Stewart who will be visiting this weekend. The four of them have to be at the Pentagon 9 AM on Monday.

Jason found out that MedHold will provide the uniform except we will have to go to Ft. Meade, 20+ miles away to get it. Thank goodness Martha let us use the van while she is in India: a blessing for today. Jason will attend PT on Thursday and then we will head to Ft. Meade.

In the morning I attended therapy with Diann and headed to Whole Foods to buy some lunch. Prior to my leaving Jason had no idea what he wanted for lunch. However, as I stepped into Whole Foods Jason rang me on the cell phone, "Mom can you buy me a Burrito Bowl from Chipotle?" So I head to the restaurant a block or so away, get Jason's lunch and head back to WF to purchase mine and Jamba Juice for Jason. Remember we had trouble with WF's accepting the gift cards? Well, today at long last that has been resolved. The woman behind the service desk said, "We got an email and everything is all set." So I got to order Jamba Juice hassle free. A Blessing for me on a beautiful blue sky, warm day here in DC. I take the food back to the room and we share lunch and check in on the afternoon.

Jason will return to PT for his afternoon session and I will head to a reception at the offices of Network, "a Catholic leader in the global movement for justice and peace...Network educates, organizes and lobbies for economic and social transformation." Website: Network is hosting "this delegation in order to give Iraqis with different perspectives the opportunity to speak to policy makers here in Washington... May these women touch our hearts and free our minds so that together we might find a new road toward true peace."

The reception included introductory remarks and then we were free to meet and listen to the Iraqi women tell their stories one-on-one. I spent most of the time with Ms. Pascale Warda "of Assyrian heritage in the Chaldean Catholic Church and is President of the Assyrian Women's Union. She served as Minister for Migration and Displacement in the Alawy Government. She is co-founder of the Iraqi Human Righs Society." Ms Warda operates two nursery schools and would like to do more. She was glad the Americans overthrew Saddam but now wants "Iraq to be for Iraqis" Ms. Warda told me many stories of living in France since the 80's, escaping from Saddam and bringing her family with her. She homeschools her daughter because of the bombings in the streets. Ms Warda thinks that the insurgents come from other Arabic states in the region including Iran and Saudi Arabia.

I listened to Dr. Rashad Zaydan a "physician who works with women and children in Baghdad and Fallujah. She is founder of the Women and Knowledge Society, an NGO that aids victims of war, especially orphans." She spoke of the health care needs for the families and orphans of Iraq. Medicines are in short supply and those who can go to other countries for health care.

I met Ms Faiza Al-Araji who "authors the blog She is a businesswoman, the mother of three children, and was a candidate in the January elections in Iraq. Ms. Al Araji, who is a Shi'a, joined a secular political party headed by a Sunni Muslim politician."

In all the delegation was made up of 14 members two of which are men. All have been touring the US for the last month, meeting the American people and asking aid for their specific projects in Iraq. Tomorrow they will hold a briefing for the Women's Caucus for the Congress. "We want you to share your knowledge with us to rebuild Iraq" Security was the most important concern for all the speakers. For without security, "we can not establish a civil society." It was a very moving experience for me as the women had members of their family or friends harmed in this war. We shared our common suffering and hope and work for peace and healing for our families and for our countries. We are all patriots wanting the very best for our families and for our country. I feel blessed to have spent this time with the good women of Iraq.

May we pray for healing for Iraq and America especially for men, women, and children hurt by this war. May we work for a brighter tomorrow with peace and justice for Iraq and America and throughout this one world.


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