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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Jason Feeling Better but Stomach Still Cramping

I awoke at regular time to hear Jason say, "I'm feeling a little better, but I need to sleep." (sounds like the 24 hour thing. Head of OT said his staff was getting hit by it too) He rolled over and slept to 10 AM. I went down and got Jason a toasted bagel; he was able to eat a 1/2 with cream cheese and 1/2 apple juice. I washed clothes then decided, "I think I will sleep too." So I went back to bed on this cooler, wind-blowing, getting cloudy day in DC.

After I awoke, I talked it over with Jason and thought I would try to catch "the keeper of the consent forms" who is only available at the PM&R clinic on Wednesdays. The forms must be signed and returned by Jason if he is to participate in the Pentagon's research and development of the next generation of prosthetic arms that I have written about before. Until today, neither Jason nor I had been able to ''corner her." So I called first and talked to her to be sure she was there and then headed to the clinic to pick up the forms. Jason signed them and will return them on the next trip to the hospital for PT.

I continued to work on the blogs, Saturday and Sunday are taking me for ever. All of a sudden, Jason said, "Got to go it is almost one." I couldn't believe it was, except we hadn't gotten up to 10. Jason said, "I am going to see, She's the Man" I said, "I would like to come" so we headed out after PT. We ate a light lunch at Whole Foods and went to the show. Both of us enjoyed the play based on Shakespeare's Twelfth Night: modern setting of soccer competition. After we ate dinner at the Noodle Bowl. Jason headed back to the room, I stopped at safeway to buy my addiction of Starbuck's Mocha Frappuchino coffee.


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