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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Jason is Sick

We woke up planning a regular day. Jason went off to PT and I spent time in prayer and worked on chores. I had a good visit at lunch with another of the moms and a Red Cross volunteer while Jason talked to Jodi on the phone. We talked of raising sons/children and work and the hospital challenges. Her son will have an artificial skull, plastic I believe (for about 1/3 his head)put in place late April. He is doing extremely well learning to walk with his prosthetic right leg. She talked about how his injuries have drawn the family together especially an uncle who was injured in Vietnam and never talked about his experiences there. The uncle accompanied the soldier and mom to the homecoming of his unit and was very touched by the warm welcome the soldiers received. Remember our Vietnam Vets experiences were so very different. Thank God for the support our troops by ordinary Americans.

Jason had told me, 'I have a 1:00 PT session," so I headed over to PT after lunch because I haven't been visiting during workouts to check on what's going on during the sessions. While I was there, Jason says, "I think I am going to throw up" goes to the wastebasket and tries to throw up. He admits to not feeling well since about 2 AM last night. Jason had wanted to walk to Silver Spring this afternoon, "Not now, I think I'm going to go back to the room." Personally, I have never heard anyone's stomach growl so loud. He continues to belch. Maybe a touch of food poisoning? I talked with some moms and staff who said that 24/48 hour flu seems to be going around. I am amazed that Jason has stayed healthy. We all know that hospitals do have high infection rates and the numbers of visitors to WR is very high. Jason has also been going out into crowds: Metro, restaurants, movies, etc. all places of contact with sneezes, coughs or touch.

Clinic for Jason is on Wednesday so if he is still not feeling well tomorrow; I encouraged Jason to check in with Doc Wickman who has returned to WR. I hope Jason will be well enough for his surgery on Friday. Jason laid down, watched some TV, then rolled over and fell asleep for a short while. This evening Jodi called and recommended pepto bismal. Susan had told me earlier that she had a bottle for when her son had stomach upset. I gave her a quick call and went to her room, retreaved it, gave Jason a dose and left him talking on the phone.

So the rest of the day was a very quiet one. I went over to the Fitness Center and worked out with weights, stretches, and abdomen exercises for an hour. I walked the track and above me the double almond trees were blooming, in the hillside garden the azalea's are beginning to bloom. And a golden sunset for a backdrop on a beautiful spring day here in DC. I am so thankful for the beauty of spring bringing hope of renewal and new life for each person and earth itself. Do pray that all goes well for Jason's upcoming surgery and possible tests this week.


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