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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Dan and Jason: Catch Up Day"

Dan returned from Jordan last evening. Jason and he planned to head out and spend the day together catching up after Dan's being gone these last three months plus to Amman, Jordan. Jason and I had planned to go to Dupont Circle to get Jason's prescription sun glasses today; so I am sure that is on the program.

Jason said they didn't get the glasses today but went out to dinner near Chinatown. They then returned to Silver Spring to see "Vendetta" cause Dan wanted to see it; Jason had seen before. Jason was back early because Dan had to go home to back to go on vacation tomorrow to the Caribbean. Jason was watching TV when I got back to the room at 10. He said, "We had a good time together."

Katy's Day
This leaves mom with an unexpected "free day." I asked Joe the soldier who went with me to the Cherry Festival if he would like to come with me to Silver Spring but Joe is too busy. Joe is generously helping another soldier who is a patient and can't get food by bringing in meals. I made a call to another mother who had to check in with her son to see what is on his schedule. He was to have surgery on Friday but it was cancelled.

I went to Nancy's and her son Adam's room here at Mologne. Nancy was ready to go out on an "adventure" She is from a very small town in MN, her 11 siblings live in about a 20 mile radius of her and her mother lives near by. Nancy had never "ventured out to walk on Georgia Ave" since her arrival in September. "Do we call a cab?" I laughed, "Nancy, I have been walking Georgia at least twice a week since I got here six months ago. I live in Chicago-Rogers Park and the first thing one does is "check out the hood."" Nancy was taken aback but as this was at 3 in the afternoon on a Sunday, we started out on the journey to Silver Spring. Nancy needed a couple of items so we stopped at Safeway.

Then we headed back to Georgia where Nancy spotted an art supply store. She became so excited and pulled out a photo of a backdrop "Italian villa" that she painted as a wedding present. Nancy had been an art major and loves to paint. She headed for the supply department and quickly chose water colors, pastels, paper and pencils. Nancy has been asked to draw a burned-out humvee by a soldier who was injured in it. He wants to hang it on his wall so "I will always be reminded of how lucky I am." Then it was on to the theatre to see if there would be a movie we would like to see. Nancy exclaimed, "Oh, I really would like to see, 'Take the Lead' We bought tickets for the next show which gave us time to eat before it began.

"Where would you like to eat?" We went through the list of possibilities; "I think I would like to try the Lebanese restaurant." "Yes!," my favorite and Jason doesn't like it. So I treated Nancy to Lebanese as she had never eaten in such a restaurant before; think MN not Chicago. Nancy loved it all: the grape leaves, the kibbeh, the hummus with its wonderful pita bread. Oh so good. Nancy had a glass of white wine which they served in "do you remember 6 oz grape jelly glasses?" I thought maybe that is what they use to serve wine in Lebanon cafes? Another question to show my limited knowledge of the Middle East and its cultures or the budget consciousness of this store's managers.

We shared life stories and toasted to our sons healing and leading "rich in experience, rewarding lives with families and friends." We asked for many blessings for them throughout their lives as they have given so much for their country. Nancy's own husband was injured in an industrial accident 3 years ago so they have been struggling. He has a job finally as a bus driver and they are pleased because this job has health insurance. Nancy's own job, as a manager for a 7/11 type store like mine, has been filled by another because we have been away from work too long and do not know when we will be able to return. She like I wonder what the future of work will hold for us. Nancy loves art and would like to do something in that field. Her children are grown and her soldier son plans on being married this summer. He just purchased a used pickup on line from a dealership in MN. I believe his brother went over to check it out for him.

We ate a leisurely dinner and finished in time to see our movie choice. We both enjoyed the dancing and the teens and the clothes and the music and A. Bandaros. The movie is based on the true story of how the dance program for children was started in NYC. The dance instructor who started it was Pierre DuLaine. His philosophy, was something like this, "When a young man dances, he must show respect for his partner. This is how he will treat women off the dance floor. When a young woman dances, she must respect herself and this is how she will live her life." Truly this man's gift is an inspiration to all of us. He followed his passion and left a legacy that continues to grow. At the end of the movie, it said that the dance program is being started in other cities outside NYC.

If any of you were able to see a documentary a short time back it was about a group of middle schoolers (?)who participated in this same dance competition in NYC. I think it was called "May I Have This Dance?" I highly recommend it. It was fun because the kids were younger yet we could see their self-image, self-confidence and their self-esteem grow through their participation in the program. (I assume it is available on DVD)

Nancy wanted to know how we would get back to WR as it was after 9:30, I said, "We'll head for the Metro as taxis should be there." The Metro is a 5 minute walk from the theater, and we easily caught a taxi and were back at the Mologne House by 10 PM. Nancy was so very happy with her day away from Mologne "on Georgia Ave."

May we continue to pray for all our soldiers that they have rich and rewarding lives. May each of you follow your passion and thus gift the circles in which you live. May you have the courage to risk "and move outside your comfort zone" to experience the goodness of new adventures that await each of us. Blessings and may you have a good night rest.


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