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Monday, April 10, 2006

Jason Waits and Waits and Waits...

In my earlier post today I wrote about Jason and his pre-operation meeting with the Ortho Doc. I had to leave Jason about 9:30 and return to Mologne because of the accountability meeting that is held every Monday at ten for family members/non-medical attendants. I assumed that Jason would gather the paperwork from the PA for ortho and be on his way to PT/OT for the rest of the morning. When I checked with Jason later at almost noon, he was still waiting to complete the pre-op in ward 67. I felt so badly for Jason, he had been doing pre-op paperwork since 8 AM. I have written about the length of these pre-ops before. If you are having surgery as a "average" patient, it may be once in a life time. But for Jason and the soldiers injured in the war who have multiple, multiple surgeries, the process is impossibly burdensome and onerous. There has to be a better way! I know in Chicago I can do a pre-register by phone. To tell the story in complete detail in ortho then go to pre-op and tell the same story again IS inefficient; surgery after surgery, soldier after soldier. Nuff said, if ever asked for feedback by this institution, I know what I will say on pre-op procedures.

I had an issue for the family meeting because the Mologne House staff had asked for paperwork that I had never been asked for before today. The army talks in acronyms and pronouns, one who is outside of the army has a very difficult time understanding references army personnel take for granted. After I fought my way through the language of reference known as "Army Speak", Med Hold "admin arm of outpatient monitoring" is requiring me to get copies of medical paperwork okaying my continued presence in Jason's room. As if any mother wants to live with her 29 year old army captain son in a hotel room set up for a weekend stay, not living in it for six months ( but whose counting?) So tomorrow I must do the "paper chase," for this months forms; then get my next month's form to the MD so I can start the process all over again. "Katy, and how do you spend your time at WR?"

I called Jason who said, "I am going to Dupont Circle to pick up my prescription sunglasses. Do you want to come?" I said, "Of course," after this morning's trials I figured we both needed "time away." We walked to the Metro in Takoma Park with redbuds, dogwoods and double flowering almonds opening all around and headed downtown. Jason already knows all the stops where to get off, what lines you need to take. That young man has a head for geography and directions. Must be from his father's Scottish lineage as I am about as directionally challenged as one can be.

We got off and headed up Connecticut Ave, while Jason got his glasses I perused a used bookstore one of my favorite hobbies. It is going out of business, owner moving to the West Coast and taking many of the books with him...He and his son were packing them for the new store in CA. Amazing what people do...I was able to find a couple of books of Mary Oliver poetry-my favorite; but none by Maya Angelou (she played an aunt in Medea), my other favorite poetess. We headed over to the Thai Chef and had again most marvelous food! One of their lunches fed me for the whole day. Jason regaled me with joke after political incorrect joke. The man has an encyclopediac mind filled with Black jokes, dead baby jokes, WVA (or substitute your favorite ethnic or state group), Polish jokes to start the list. They are unrepeatable by women of my generation; so you will have to call Jason or meet him and ask Jason for his latest "mother shocker/curl her very straight hair" joke.

Jason decided this would also be a good day to get a hair cut, remember his cut prior to the State of the Union. Jason swore he would NOT get his hair cut on campus (oops) Post again. Personally, I think it looks pretty, pretty short. I went back to the bookstore and spent some more time fondly fondling all the old books. To be a bookaphile is a terrible addiction. Soon the call came from Jason to head back to WR. We met at the Metro and headed to Metro central. '
"Mom you know that if you get off at the Smithsonian, you COULD make the rally on the Mall for Immigration reform."
What were you going to do Jason?
"Head to Silver Spring and maybe see a movie. Problably not your type. (translate violence)
Jason, I think you are right! It is a beautiful day and HOW could I ever pass up a chance to rally for social and economic justice (I didn't say that, but Jason knows how I think as I took him to a march here in DC when he was young) I absolutely love being in DC and a metro ride away from the mall.

Heeding Jason's brilliant advice I say "Thanks Jason, great idea" and jump off at the next station and head to the Mall with many, many, many of 100,000's of other folks, 99% have beautiful brown skin. Get ready America this is the color of your future. Many teens and small children, many adults in their 30/40's. I immediately began to talk to a couple beside me; mother and son from Argentina. He is a law student at American University studying Human Rights. He wants to work for a NGO on Human Rights cases before the World Court. I am so pround of him. I tell him "Blessings on your future work, but do be careful." ( I have a dear friend age 70 who is a Christian Peace Team member and is in Hebron right now)

All the speakers are speaking Spanish, sadly to say I cannot understand them. Except for two: The MA Senator T. Kennedy and the current Roman Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Arlington ( or whatever one has DC) A few police men on horseback at the back of mall edges, police cars parked noone near. I thought "I am so glad there is no show of police presence. Maybe the Mayor is a wee-bit wiser than Chicago's Daley. Maybe this rally is so huge what could a few DC police do?" I had come to support immigrants, good grief we are all from immigrant stock, unless you are an Native American. My Polish grandparents had arrived only in the 19-teens, my parents the first generation born in America. I thought I could add my body to the "estimate" they really didn't need me, but I was so happy to be amongst those without voices, is this not what Jesus did? A favorite chant of the day: Today we march, Tomorrow we vote! I stayed about 2 hours and then headed to the Metro and back to WR.

Jason arrived shortly after I returned. He had gone to see Take the Lead, which we saw on Sunday and bought a Jamba Juice before walking to WR. Jason likes A. Bandoras, not so hot on the story. Of course Nancy and I loved the story and the dancing and Bandoras. We recommend it especially if you love ballroom dancing.

Blessings, enjoy your time in the sunshine and flowers of spring. Enjoy your time with family and friends. Open your hearts to the "wayfarer in your land for you were once an alien in a foreign land." Celebrate life.


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bout time you got a haircut you dirty hippie

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