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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A Quiet Tuesday

Today was a quiet day for Jason and myself. Jason and I both slept in till after 7. I got dressed to go down and get the "morning bagel" for Jason and the newspapers. Jason woke up after 7 but in a change from his morning routine he did NOT turn on the morning news. I got breakfast ready for Jason and myself-Kashi, vitamins and a bottle of Starbucks mocha frappacino. I asked Jason if he wanted me to read the front page of the Washington Post. So he ate his bagel, text messaged Jodi on his phone, and listened to bits about the resignation of Mr. DeLay of Texas.

By 8:30 Jason was ready to head to PT and I stayed in the room to work on the blog and spend time in prayer and reflections on the daily scripture readings for Lent. Jason returned after noon. He had a "good work out for strengthening" He and Kyla had hiked up and down the stairwells a couple of times. Jason also got a new prosthetic "hand" for his re-sized arm. It is hard to describe, I will take a picture of it. It is a "gripper" think of your thumb and forefinger coming together, that is its function.

In PT he met again an ex-Marine who managed the construction of the tallest building in the world, the Taipei Tower. I had mentioned my meeting him in an earlier blog. He was excited about Jason going into business and wants him to "come work with us in construction." Not the building but the business management work of putting one of these mammoth projects together. Jason like his dad is not talented in the "do it around the house" type kind of work. Jason tried to explain that he had no experience or interest in doing construction; but the gentleman was hot for him to "contact me" after his MBA was complete.

Jason stopped off in OT, it was cooking day and "stole a hamburger." They wanted Jason to clean up but he couldn't stay said, "I've cleaned up plenty of times before." Jason came back and Jodi called so I headed to the mess hall for lunch and a read of the newspaper after recycling the glasses Jason had been provided by the WR optometry group. There is a drop off box on the 7th floor. Now that Jason has his own prescription Oakleys, he wouldn't wear those anymore. When I got back from lunch Jason was reading his latest book, the dystopia one RedRobe by Jon Courtenay. At one Jason headed back to PT for an afternoon session of stretch and strengthen. I tried to find Jason after lunch but missed him there.

I came back and began to grow increasingly tired. I thought "why not?" and took a nap for about an hour till Jason woke me on his return from PT. I put the wonderful tray that the Spoden's had given him on the bed and began to write my Easter cards. Jason read for a while then he rolled over and fell asleep until after 6 when he woke up and said, "What time is it?" I told him and Jason got up went to the computer and said, "Mom, how about going to Whole Foods for dinner?" I said, "You are coming with me?" He replied "No, I want to stay here" So off I went to get dinner from the deli and a Jamba Juice from Whole Foods getting back after 8. Jason had Cuban beef and a Jamba; I had chicken and potato salad.

Misc or "How Katy Spends a Great Deal of the Day"
Since 1/19 I have been trying to get a disabled parking placard for Jason. I thought this would help when he/we travel to events, shopping etc. I thought it would be a "piece of cake" fill out a form and "no problem." We couldn't connect, DC sent one and it was returned by the post office, etc. Monday the placard arrived! I was totally shocked as I had been emailing and calling the office getting instructions and was all prepared to travel by Metro today downtown to get one! The Lord/universe is good! An afternoon of rest instead of hassle and chase.

I am still working on getting Jason a duplicate driver's license from IL. The radiation of the mail melted the one we finally received after 3 months of phone and paper chase. I had called and explained the situation about 3 weeks ago, gave a Fed Ex number and was promised it would be sent "As soon as we get your letter." Never happened. As Jason's temporary ran out 4/1 he needs the ID. I called yesterday, spent about a hour on the phone talking to one person after another; then faxing info again to the office. Donna promised the State of IL would FedEx a new license today. We will see.

Last but not least:
Remember the saga of the iceless ice machines. The 2nd and 3rd floors have not had ice for over a month. I had pleaded with everyone on staff at Mologne. I had gone over to the Patient Rep in the hospital and told Sara our sad plight. She called the Manager of Mologne House; I believe it was last Monday and "Vola" Friday the 2nd floor ice machine was working just in time for the 75 degree weekend! My hat is off to Ms Sara for a job well done on behalf of each of the thirsty and sweating patients and family members living in Mologne House!

Only Love makes this happen, you couldn't pay me enough to tackle these relentless bureaucracies on behalf of my son. May we all have patience, endurance, our wits about us and Love to face the challenges of daily life whereever and whatever the circumstances are.


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