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Monday, April 03, 2006

Sunday: Captains do DC

Jason slept in 9 AM and I went down to the breakfast to get his usual of bagel and cream cheese. A mother was talking of her son severely injured who came in shortly to WR after Jason. He has brain damage and her choices for care are a VA nursing home or for her to adapt her home and keep her son there. She is overwhelmed at the choices and at the resources she will need to renovate her home so she can take care of her son. The costs of war to families are never ending the weight of her pain depresses me and I know I am helpless to help her. Please pray for them and speak out for the best care for our wounded soldiers and veterans. May God through the compassionate actions and sacrifice of the members of her community provide for this mother and her son. May the citizens of our nation and Congress come to realize the true costs of war, never ending in the bodies, spirits and minds of our sons and daughters.

Jason got up, showered, ate his bagel, checked his email, watched the Sunday news and was ready to be picked up by 11:00. Jason and his friends went to Arlington cemetery, not heeding my advice not to take a car and,go by Metro, I understand they were in traffic jams for an extended period of time because of all the folks who were in town to view and picnic under the cherry blossoms at the Tidal Basin near the Jefferson Memorial.

They spent the afternoon at Arlington cemetery where they visited:
  1. The grave of their fallen comrade in Iraq. Jason, Hunt and Lee knew him.
  2. The tomb of the Unknown Soldier
  3. The memorial to the Marne, the 3rd ID
  4. The gravesites of the Kennedy's
They had wanted to see the Vietnam Memorial but traffic kept them away because there was "absolutely no place to park," I am sure for miles from what we experienced. They tried to get to Georgetown for lunch but the streets were like "a parking lot." They ate at Rosslyn instead.
After they returned to WR, the guys decided to go to a movie in Silver Spring. Jason et al saw the movie and spent a couple of hours in Macaroni Grill "talking and catching up." Jason was back by 10:30 and ready for bed in order to get ready for his big day tomorrow: visit to the Pentagon.

Katy's Day:
I attended mass at the hospital and left disappointed as I had noone to attend the Cherry Blossom Festival with me. I had called around prior to mass but I knew it was too late as people book their weeks a long time ahead. I was walking across the post (notice word use :-) )when I noticed a young soldier taking a picture of one of the magnolias outside of Mologne. Joe asked, "Do you know what this tree is?" I told him and he said, "I'm sending it to my wife in MN." I told Joe about my plight of no companion to visit the cherry blossoms and he said, "I'll go." God is so good to me! My son did not want to go with me, so God sent another soldier to accompany me to enjoy God's creation of millions of blossoms under a beautiful clear blue sky and 70+degrees.

A little about Joe:
Joe is not a combat injury. He is in the Army Reserve: 11 years and during preparation for deployment to Iraq he received a smallpox shot. The MD's at WR have diagnosed his brain damage; Joe now has empty pockets/lesions in his brain as a result of the small pox vaccination. The damage results in dropped foot for his left foot, limping now but able to walk much better. Joe said he feels as if his short term memory is impacted but Joe was able to carry on a day's conversation without a hitch. Joe was in supply for the army and feels he can no longer perform his duties as before. Joe said that the MD's were considering surgery because of his brain swelling but decided against it and put him on steroids which worked.

Joe and I drove the van to Silver Spring and took the Metro to avoid the traffic mentioned above. Joe had visited the mall before so he knew where our walk should meander. We got out at the Smithsonian stop and couldn't believe the numbers of people before, around and behind us. We strolled down the Mall toward the Washington monument. I thought the blossoms were by the reflecting pool but quickly learned that the 3000 trees were around the Tidal Basin and throughout the Mall area.

The cherry blossoms were beyond my wildest expectations. Now I know why folks brag about the beauty of spring in DC. The canopy of blossoms above makes me think I am floating up through clouds. When I die and "float to heaven" it will be through cherry blossoms. I drank the beauty in and stood in awe at God's overwhelming creation. We spent time walking under the trees and along side of them. We visited the new WWII Memorial and it was very crowded with families, some with feet in the pool. It was so good to see the families picnicking, flying kites, couples strolling, school groups posing for pictures, children laughing and playing everywhere.

Joe and I stopped and listened to a few minutes of the formal program of the festival. The highlight of which is the Japanese Lantern Lighting Ceremony. It was to be lit by Ms Kurumi Furusawa: Embassy of Japan Cherry Blossom Princess. We did not see the Lantern lit but the following tells some of its story:

On March 30, 1954 the Japanese Ambassador presented the lantern to the American people. This presentation celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the first peace treaty between Japan and the USA. This lantern is one of two which stood outside a temple called To-ei-zan Kan'eiji in the ancient city of Edo, now called Tokyo. It was carved 355 years ago; it weighs two tons and stands eight and 1/2 feet tall. This type of lantern was used to honor the Shoguns of the Tokugawa period. It is the oldest freestanding man-made stone structure in Washington, DC that is outdoors and not in a museum.

Joe and I had wanted to eat on the Mall as he had never done that before but the numbers of tourists changed our minds. We headed back to the Metro and were thinking that maybe we would stop at Union Station. However we were held at the station because the platforms were filled with people. The crowds were so huge we decided to eat in Silver Spring.

On the train back Joe told me the faith story of his family very strong traditional Roman Catholic. He approves of Pres. Bush because of his stance against abortion. Joe knows that Roe VS Wade will be overturned soon. Joe's family are very active in the works of mercy and Joe wants to be like them. There is a Roman Catholic sponsored program in contact with WR that takes wounded soldiers and their spouses to Lourdes France to bath in the miracle waters there. Joe and his wife are going to make the trip the last of April. I told Joe that I was very happy for them and knew it would be a very rewarding spiritual and healing trip for them. He is a very nice young man, blessed with a loving wife and two children Patrick and Megan. May God provide healing and many blessings for him and his family.

Joe headed to the mess hall because he had taken the responsibility of getting a cancer patient soldier's dinner. I headed back to Silver Spring to meet with Alison Snow. We were going to a talk on "Feminine Images of God" and pot luck dinner at St. Aloysius Parish which is very near Union Station. The talk focused on personal experience of images of God and what could St. Aloysius do? to increase the variety of images beyond male. Discussion focused on a quote from Meister Eikert, German theologian from the Middle Ages, "We become the God we contemplate." The speaker also presented research on language that showed again and again, "He" is not heard inclusively, that is includes "she." One study showed "he" was accepted to mean male for 400+ participants versus inclusive language for 50 participants. Our table focused on "What could the parish do as Mystery is the truest image for God." Alison was raised a Christian Scientist and found the talk interesting as her faith was founded by a woman. In the 1800's she wanted to use only feminine pronouns for God but was outvoted/denied by her Christian Scientist community.

May you meet your God in the beauty of creation and may you be renewed each day. Let us pray that Jason continues to heal and for all the soldiers and their families throughout the world.


Blogger GSMSO said...

Hi Katy-

My name is Karen Meredith, the mother of Lt Ken Ballard, the "fallen comrade" that Jason and his friends visited at Arlington last weekend. Spence just gave me the link to your blog. I am in California, butI will be in DC in May x2 and would like to meet Jason (and you, of course) Please contact me at

Wednesday, April 05, 2006 6:15:00 PM  

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