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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Sort, Pack, Sort , Pack: Ship

Good news:
Jason had his surgery wounds checked today. The RN said, "No wet to dry anymore. Place aloe patch in wound. Then come back in a couple of days and we will check and you should be done with dressings." The nurse did not have to place a patch over the wounds. Just gauze and a little, little bit of tape. The dressing does not have to be changed but once a day till it is removed. The wound is closing very nicely, no more fresh flesh so no more bleeding that I can tell.

I spent all day sorting and packing items telling Jason "After living in this room for 7.5 months, I cannot do this room in one day." At the end of the day I had 3 boxes full-one for Lisa and two for Chicago. Overhearing Jason talking to Jodi, Jason is trying to get out as early as possible next week down to Florida so he can get his car and items from Lisa's. The social worker promised Jason, "Get permission from Dr. Golarz and I can get you out of town in 6 hours!" I don't know how much time we have left at Mologne: count days not weeks.

Now the Fed Ex is in Silver Spring and has the slowest service I have ever experienced. I forgot this lesson I learned with the Christmas letter so it was well after 7 when we left Mologne. Jason spent the day playing his computer game Civilization IV. We went to FedEx where the cute young, very young gentleman behind the counter was giving especially attentive service to a young lady with lots of cleavage and well endowed. Then he and another counter person began to serve one customer who had a problem with a lost package. I finally asked, "I have been waiting for some time and the two of you are waiting on the same customer. Could you help me?" I figured Jason would be going nuts in the car. I shouldn't have worried because when I finally got served I found Jason lying back on the seat text messaging, I assume Jodi, and looking quite relaxed. Sigh...What has happened to the idea of prompt, courteous customer service?

After Jason parked in another garage as he was scoping out the territory for tomorrow when he and Bryan(in a wheel chair or walking with canes for a short distance) are coming to the show X-men and out for dinner. (remember the story of not being able to bring outside food into Mologne, same Bryan.) Coming out of the garage we saw a banner for a new restaurant in the mall. The Blue Pearl is a Chinese, Japanese, American buffet. The sections of the buffet are designated in English and Spanish. Don't you love our American diversity? I really liked the buffet as it had excellent tapioca pudding for dessert and a really wide selection including crab in the shell plus the best cooked fresh green beans I have found in DC. Jason ate ribs and white rice.

So here I am 10 PM thinking about "What can I pack and ship next?" I feel the pressure to "tie up loose ends." Say a prayer that Jason continues to heal and has no paperwork problems getting his leave and flight. Say a prayer that I can pack this kid and myself up in some kind of coherent fashion. BTW Jason loves being Captain and giving his mother ideas on how "I need to pack." We do have two large duffel bags for Jason to use as luggage for items to Florida. I have already taken one box of items to Mologne's "garage sale table" and all the items were gone when I went by later except a magazine that focuses on nutrition (does that surprise you when the mess hall food is all fried?) Have a good night's sleep, it is very warm here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Katy,

I don't know if you are aware that I am now at Midwest Hospice (formerly Hospice of the North Shore). They have an opening for a chaplain in the Skokie Area otherwise known as their Blue Team. You can get some information at You know of course, to use my name as a reference wherever you go. Your family will remain in our prayers. Pat Bolender

Wednesday, May 31, 2006 2:45:00 PM  
Blogger Katy, Jason's mom said...

Wow Pat,
Thanks for the news.
Best of luck, which you really don't need as you are a wonderful nurse.

I will probably take a break till July 1 before beginning to look for work/starting work. I will call Midwest when I get back to Chicago.

Yes, do keep the prayers coming as Jason has much healing yet to do, in mind, body and spirit.

Have a great summer

Wednesday, May 31, 2006 3:28:00 PM  

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