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Monday, May 15, 2006

Wallet? What Wallet?

Jason slept in to about 10 AM. When I returned from signing in for the family meeting Jason was finishing his shower. I began to clean out the goodies from under the bed. I gave away some food from the early-on care packages that Jason said he wouldn't eat. I gave the items to the "Mologne House Table" in the lobby, as I have said before it is a "free garage sale" and staff and family members take the items. That is where I will put all items not wanted by Jason as he packs for his 30 day convalescence leave (hopefully beginning the first week of June). I like the idea so much to give to those just arriving at Mologne House. I sorted papers and books and etc.

We headed to the hospital to take care of Monday morning chores.
  1. First we went to Surgery Clinic because Jason was to have his wound vac checked and sponge replaced. They said Dr. G was away and come back later at 1 PM. So we did some other chores first. Removing the old sponge hurts Jason as it attaches to the tissue by the fluids of the body. I wince when he hurts. Jason was hoping to have the vac removed but Dr. Amy asked Dr G (not present) and Dr. G said he will check it on Thursday and decide if the vac can be removed. It still makes me queasy to look at the wound and Jason's inner flesh.
  2. Dow needed Jason's signature to apply for a subsidized trip to see Jason Memorial Day weekend. For the first time Jason went to Family Assistance, walking. Everyone looked at him. Moscow one of the staff said, "He is doing so well and looks so good." I said, "Doesn't he!" Jason only had to write his signature and Moscow said she would contact Dow and complete the application.
  3. Jason had received an email from his commander at Ft Stewart. The Treasury Department had personal items that belonged to Jason. Jason was intrigued, "What could it be? Why was it at WR and not in Ft. Stewart or Chicago?" His other items had all arrived at one of the two places except his 300 item DVD collection that was stolen. A scavenger hunt by any other name...So off we went to the 2nd floor and the soldier manning the desk could not find Jason's notice in his handy file. He comes back with another civilian with keys. They open something out of sight and return with a plastic bag with Jason's wallet. Jason exclaims,"How the heck?" The soldier begins taking things out of small plastic bags in the big plastic bag: Jason's wallet itself, credit cards, Military ID, driver's license, and $27 in cash which he counted out to Jason. Now to answer Jason's puzzlement, "Why in Treasury?" I begin to look at the ID tags: "Jason this Red Cross tag is from Bilad to Landstuhl. Jason this tag is from Landstuhl to WRAMC. Jason this tag says the wallet arrived with you on the 18th at WR!" Mystery solved, the wallet did come with Jason all the way from Iraq. Now a new mystery, "Why was it in Treasury and Ft. Stewart never notified till this week?" "Why couldn't Treasury find Jason as he was an inpatient till February and been on the Post all this time?" I don't think Jason wants to pursue the chain of command of the "wallet communications." So you all can come up with your own answers. Jason said it sure would have been nice as we had to cancel and obtain new credit cards and IL driver's license.
  4. Jason and I had lunch in the mess hall for the first time. Jason had the Monday special-a huge hamburger. The "Gov" was there and I asked him to extend my very sincere apologies for the rose/politics fiasco on Mother's Day to Dr. Wagner whom I assume was as livid as I was shocked and embarrassed for the behavior of peace volunteers.
  5. Jason stopped off at PT to once again schedule workouts with Kyla. He will begin again this week. We saw the Pet Therapy staff member while there. He is a cute big puppy, what a job, he literally "laid down and spread out" on the floor.
As we were walking back to Mologne, we saw a young African-American woman burning something on the ground. Jason stopped to talk to a soldier and I thought I would stop and ask if I could help. I saw that she was burning a pair of about size 2 shoes, "Hello, I am Katy, would you like to talk? May I help?" "I am Lee, I am okay" and she begins to cry. "Sometimes we can't talk, May I give you a hug?" "Yes, please do." I wrap her in my arms and feel her deep pain and hold on to her for her dear life. "I'm in room 316, please call anytime if you would like to talk." I begin to enter Mologne and out comes a woman African-American manager. I tell her of the encounter, "Please see if you can talk to her, she needs someone to be with her." I look back and the women are talking. Please keep Lee in your good thoughts and prayers and all those who loose children in any way.

Jason rested in the afternoon and I headed to the Noodles company getting bowls for Jason and myself. I walked the track after 8 PM and love this time of gentle evening light. I took photos but do not know how they will come out as I am using disposable cameras.

Please continue to pray for Jason's healing of his mind, body and spirit. Please pray and hold in your good thoughts Jason's future-may it be bright and full of happy memories and wonderful travel and adventures. May he and Jodi enjoy his 30 day leave that is coming soon. Please pray for my future as I return to Chicago without a position and for my relationships there. Hold good thoughts for me and all of our family as we begin a new time on the journey of life as individuals and a family. I will hold each of you in my hearts as I give thanks for your support and care.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Jason,
I happened upopn this link while searching for something. I hope you have returned to Chicago (my favorite city) and are making your way in a new life I'm sure you never even considered.
Thank you for your service to our country and for your great sacrifice. May God Bless you with a peaceful heart as you live your life.
Sharon from Michigan.

Sunday, March 04, 2007 10:50:00 AM  

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