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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Do I hear carolling?

The Sunday before Christmas and carolling (sp) was filling Jason's room.

After lunch Jason was visited by two sets of carollers.
1. Three women in USO miniskirt and braid decorated uniforms came to see Jason. He was cheered by their friendly manner and polaroid picture now next to Fleetwood Mac's on his bulletin board. The women sang a couple of songs and gave Jason an autographed picture. One of the women with bright red lipstick kissed it, just like the 40's. The group is trying to keep the early traditions of USO entertaining alive. The women said the costume was designed (not ever worn in WWII shows) in memory of the demands of US soldiers during the USO shows in WWII. I guess the women wore longer skirts because the soldiers were always complaining, "I can't see your legs!" I thought the costumes were clever and cute and their voices fresh.

2. A little later the carollers with Maureen as lead from Holy Trinity Parish arrived to give Jason his own private carolling time. And Cookies and candy. We enjoyed the singing. After, I joined them in carolling at the RN station on the Ward so the RN's could enjoy their voices.

A special thanks to all who come to WR to "brighten the soldiers' holiday and their family members." May their goodness be blessed 3 times over.

Jason did PT in the morning with the focus being to free his locked hip.
After PT, the Spodens arrived for a visit and we all walked with Jason to the Mologne House so Jason could "preview the room" prior to the family meeting with the medicals on Monday. It took Jason about 30 minutes to make one trip to the Mologne House and 30 minutes back. It was so good we did because Jason told Dow that "It doesn't look like I imagined it." Not sure what he imagined; it is your basic hotel room big enough to hold two double beds, TV stand, dresser, and a small table.

We returned to the hospital, wished Dan and Lois great holidays as we won't see them again till the 8th and waited for Chris to come from Dan's house. It took some time as bus schedules change on Sundays, like Chicago. Jason and Chris were primed to watch the Bears and finish eating the "Chinese take in" from yesterday. I bought Chris some more Starbucks and power drinks. Dow and I headed out to dinner at a Burmese restaurant for the first time. For dessert we had what they call "cream of wheat cake" Can't describe it except you can feel the cream of wheat texture, and if you are ever offered it, "Don't pass it up!" Sure beats mess hall dining in WR.

1. Jason had about a two week period of hallucinations on arrival at WR. He was very worried that he had brain damage. To check out his brain he began to spell the hardest words he knew. He tried to spell (I can't spell it)antidisantishamblemtism.......(whatever.) Then Jason told himself "I couldn't spell it BEFORE I got hit." Later on when fully rational again this would be morphed by Jason into "After I got hit, I couldn't speak French" and other variations. You get his drift...

2. You know how every patient has a pet peeve. Jason has come to hate the "tag system" WR employs. They insist that he wear a green plastic band "Fall Risk" to those who can see it under his stocking where they have it on his ankle. Can't wear it on his left arm because it irritates the scars from his operation. So he just pulls them off when the RN realizes that he is not wearing one and gives him a new one. I guess one of them is his bane. She insists he is allergic, Jason admitted he is--to cats. I told him, "Wear one and mark it "allergic to cats" as one never knows when the hospital might be invaded by marauding cats."

What happens on a Sunday evening when I am working on the blog.
"My cup overflows..." actually the toilet is overflowing, not really, it is flooding out the tank through what must be a very huge crack. Ever since we moved into the room, I have been calling and telling Mologne House, "The toilet is leaking, the bathroom floor is wet." Early this week, Dow said a guy stopped by and told him, "It is a tank problem" I asked are we getting a new one? Dow said the guy was noncommittal. Tonight we have a flood. I call the desk, no one shows. We call again, they went to the wrong room. The guy comes up with a plunger and says, "I was told the toilet is plugged." No...., it is flooding the floor when we flush it, which we do to show him and WOW he is on the phone, another guy comes up, "Need a new tank." We have heard this before... So they bring us lots and lots of towels and assure us that someone will be here very early tomorrow. Life in the fast lane at WR

Blessings everyone and in the midst of it all Godde in Her goodness gives us comic relief!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its good to see that substandard communication is the standard everywhere in the Army, not just here in 3ID. I hope you're still recovering well. We're down to single digits here in Samarra. See you soon.

Monday, December 19, 2005 1:28:00 AM  
Blogger Katy, Jason's mom said...

May you all have blessed Christmas and come home safe. Hope to meet you all here at WR.

Monday, December 19, 2005 9:29:00 AM  

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