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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Good News

Dr. Golarz and all his entourage, about 5 surgical interns (like there is room for nothing when they all come together-reminds me of all the MD TV shows) stopped by late in the afternoon and checked Jason's bottom wound, the one that had the infamous "butt vac" and declared; "It is abut the size between knuckles, healing well now; very shallow no need for a skin graft!" YES, really this is the "Good News" according to Dr.G, Go Bears! Go Hamiltons (bar which both Jason and he frequented in Rogers Park (although at different time periods)

Today was visit from your Congresswomen Day (not "men" as Dow kept saying, you know me and inclusive language). For those of us who believe in synchronocity I was amazed at this event. Jason is planning a move to Florida. For the Republican side of the aisle, first came the present congresswoman from Florida of "hanging chad" fame, Ms Katherine Harris who gave Jason a coin, guess Congress is following the Armed Forces on this tradition. Got to admit it looks really cool. Jason did ask her for a job, she replied, "Call me when you are ready." For the Democratic side of the aisle we had a long visit with Rep. Jan Shakowsky from the 9th Congressional District of Illinois which is presently Jason's home district. Jan gave Jason a lap blanket with a picture of the capitol and accompanied Jason to OT where she and her aide watched as Jason manipulated his right hand to pick up cones. What are the chances of visits from two Congresswomen, one from a state where Jason resides, one from a state where he is thinking of moving?

In PT Jason set a new record: 7 laps with no sitting or stopping! later we did another three laps so in total Jason did 10 circuits around the inside of the building today! The Captain is walking! (I think I am prouder than when Jason took his very first steps 28 years ago. These steps are seven weeks after "he rode an IED of war") In OT, Jason showed Rep. Shakowsky how his prosthetic is working feeling sorta bad that it is fixed and he couldn't do the "blender thing."
(Just kidding) Jason spent his time picking up cones from a stack, I was impressed as this was my first time to see him use the "hand prosthetic." Jan too was very impressed with his skill remembering that Jason just received it in working order a week ago.

Visitors today
The Major General of the Army Nursing Corp. She told Jason she has "52% of the world." I believe that her offices are in Hawaii, not a bad place for an office. She gave Jason a coin and Jason said, "All the medical nursing staff was a twitter" today during the visit. She is the Supervisor of every Army RN in the world. A lot of healing energy in one department. (I think of the monument to the military nurses on the Mall here in DC. If you haven't seen it, do the next time you visit. It takes your breath away.)

A group of volunteers named "Brave, Bold and Couragous" brought Jason an overnight bag filled with items that he might need. Also included were tee shirts, toiletry items, and socks. Jason liked the fleece work out clothes the best.

Our last visitors were sent by Holy Trinity and spent time to introduce themselves and went for a walk with Jason, brother and sister Anthony F. Marra from FannieMae and Jenny Marra from Exxon Mobil. Both are lawyers. They offered to help with Jason's care if possible and would like to visit again. Jason said, "Sure" so he has two new friends from Holy Trinity parish.

As CGJung wrote, "Bidden or unbidden God is present" on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan and Palastine and the healing wards of Walter Reed. May you remember that God journeys with you through Advent until Jesus comes again in our hearts and in our midst. Many blessings as I think of all of you, your prayers, your good thoughts and your compassion today.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is such great news!! I read your updates every morning and am so happy when it sounds like he's doing better. I hope Jason knows how many people are thinking about him every day and wishing him the ability to heal.

Laura Rush (Stromberg)

Wednesday, December 07, 2005 10:20:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Jason and Scott Family,

Your words are very moving and encouraging - I am so excited to hear that Jason is up to walking around the hospital 10+ times! Sounds like he is improving steadily. I'm also encouraged to hear that Congress members are reaching out in a very personal way. Jason, you're in our thoughts and we're sending you strength through our prayers.

Nahla Ivy (classmate BHS '95)

Friday, December 09, 2005 2:36:00 PM  

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