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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A "Shocking Treatment"

I checked in with Jason early this afternoon and found him in OT. OT was working with Jason and computer feedback. Heidi planned also to work to break open that bone in the left arm. I asked him how things were going and he said "PT is trying something different to get my jaw unlocked." They applied electrodes to his face and shocked the nerves which "actually worked." Jason said he could tell the difference after the treatment. I did not ask if they will continue the treatments. I will be able to stay for with Jason after 48 hours on the antibiotic so I hope to see the treatment sometime soon. Jason reported doing 250 crunches and 10 sets of 10 leg lifts.

Jason's glasses have been ordered: one pair for reading, one pair for long distance. Jason was surprised at the variety of frames offered. I figured it would be "anything you want as long as it is black" as Henry Ford used to say. Folks say the glasses will be here in a few days, others say "It will be weeks." The prescriptions are filled off campus. We'll let you know when they arrive.

For the medical readers: Jason's locked right leg is called "adhesive capitalitis" Thought you would want to know. Don't know what the MD's call his locked jaw.

Some Jason memories of his experiences at WRAMC:
Jason with some fondness (to me in his retelling) likes to talk about his hallucinations which occurred very frequently during his first two weeks at WR (we think either medicine induced or sleep deprivation) One of the things that Jason finds striking about the experience is that "My hallucinations are boring." (Personally, I never expected one to have expectations about one's hallucinations) Anyway according to Jason, R. Stedman in his Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas has a scene of broken glass and ink filling up the cracks in the glass. Jason said "I was the ink, moving around and filling up the cracks." Jason had another hallucination where he was on a movie set waiting for the men to put the set up. Jason thinks this one was connected to waiting before surgery.

If you were to visit Jason's room and look on his bulletin board, you will see a group of his close Chicago friends at a Edgewater bar called Hamiltons. This bar is a college hang out for the students from Loyola University-Lakeshore Campus. In the picture the 20 somethings are oviously having a good time with probably 20 plus beer bottles on the table and Jason said there are more "off camera" When Dr. Golarz, Jason's surgeon, first came to the room, he took one look at the picture and said, "Hamilton's" Now the bar background is really rather nondescript. One would have to be very familiar with the bar to take one quick look to identify it. Guess Dr. G escaped his undergrad at Northwestern by heading S into Chicago and Hamilton's. He told Jason, "Don't think less of me as a MD." Jason and he have made a commitment to "quaff a few at Hamiltons" at some time in the future.

Another Dr. G story. When Jason was first told about his poor vision, Dr. Golarz met him after one of Jason's surgeries. "Look at this" he demanded of Jason. "Do you see this?" Dr. Golarz wears an operating hat with "Go Bears" on it in bold lettering. "Do you read this?" putting his head very near Jason's face. "Go Bears" Jason obediently read. "See, you CAN read!" Dr. G said triumphantly.

Good memories for Jason that make me feel happy.
May your holiday time be filled with good memories and may you enjoy making more this year!

The Toilet Saga Continued:
A nice gentleman came by this morning and said, "I think you need a new toilet. I will tell my boss. I think you can buy one for about $60." I agreed with the man and said, "I am sure MHH has spent way more than that in my calling every day and their sending someone to come and look at the toilet and give it a try." Sigh, part of me is saying, "Isn't there a better way to spend my tax dollars?"

Jason and Dow are going to get Mexican carry in and watch a movie this evening. Col Martha has returned from Vietnam and she and I will head to Quixote Center for our Christmas liturgy and pot luck. Blessings everyone,


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