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Monday, December 19, 2005

Team Meeting

The big news of the day was the team meeting. Dr. Todd and his supervisor Dr. Belkamp, 2 persons from OT- Larres and Heidi, Jason, Dow, myself and Grizell-Jason's social worker:

1. OT and PT are to be "more aggressive" in their treatment of Jason's injuries especially his locked jaw and locked hip. PT added an extra session to work on his jaw. OT thought that a wheel chair for sitting might help the right hip stretch out versus the cardiac chair that Jason favors now.
2. Team would like Jason to do an overnight at the Mologne House "to find any special needs he might have" and to "get out of the hospital atmosphere" after nine weeks.
3. Jason will not move to Mologne House until he can sit down and get up from the regular height bed and chairs at Mologne. As I will be his "non medical attendant" Jason will have to be able to do these as I cannot lift his 6'4" 200 pounds by myself. The MD projected that Jason should be able to do these within weeks of "intensive therapy" We are now looking at less than a month for him to move to out patient.
4. We are to massage Jason's scars especially those on his left arm.
4. I asked the MD about an ultimate discharge date and "if therapy goes as planned without any glitches" the MD projected a June 2006 discharge from Walter Reed. This date coincides with the earliest estimates of "about 9 months."

Other News around the hospital:
Sometimes Jason can taste food "from far away" is the only way he can explain it. The ability does not stay to taste food, he will be able to taste it one day and not the next. Right now Jason can taste chocolate, the "tangy" of ketchup and could clearly smell the orange aromatherapy from Patrice when I tried it yesterday.

One of the most basic hospital supplies is the pink plastic basin usually used for washing or storing items. In most of the patients' rooms and in Jason's they become "mini-coolers" filled with ice and the drinks of the day including:
1. Various flavors of Gatorade (thanks to Lois and Dan Jason is well stocked)
2. Favorite sodas-include Zero coke and root beer
3. Favorite Florida Naturals includes orange and grape
4. Bottled Water (DC water has serious lead problems)
5. Ensure (protein drink) Jason was good about drinking these early on but I think has now given them up.
6. Milk-chocolate is Jason's favorite right now.

I have come down with a nasty sinus infection. During the meeting the SW told me she had a list of local clinics that take non-military persons. I have to catch her tomorrow as I missed her today. I think WR should have some kind of "MD/RN practicioner" to help family members in my situation. To get a prescription when I first arrived the visit to WR ER cost $184. I do not have a car, don't know DC, and when I am not feeling at all well really don't want to take the Metro or bus to wherever. Over 4700 family members have come to WR in the last two years-that is quite a population and we spend months here or even longer.

Saga of the toilet for all you "chore handy people":
Seems like the last attempted repair did not include washers where needed. We will see what happens when we flush a few times. Don't go away, this saga may not be over yet. :-)

Blessings and Peace and Happiness this Holiday Season to every one of you and your families


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