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The latest news on the recover of Jason after his injury in Iraq by an IED.


Snail Mail:

Cpt. Jason Scott
WRAMC Building 20
Mologne House Hotel #316
6900 Georgia Ave. NW
Washington DC 20307

Phone: 202 577 0092

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Jason Scheduled for Tests 4/6/06

Jason is to check into Ward 66 tonight so that he will be available for tests at 6 AM in WR. The tests are too painful so Dr. Scott Golarz wants Jason to undergo the tests under general anesthesia. If Jason passes the tests, corrective surgery for his digestive system will take place as soon as it can be scheduled.

Please hold Jason's healing of his digestive tract in your good thoughts and prayers. Pray that his body has healed and he will be able to have the corrective surgery.

Note and I recommend:
If you can access the Washington Post today the lead story on the front page is about the staff at WR and how the taking care of wounded soldiers from Iraq takes its toll and challenges each individual. It includes words by Dr. Michael Wagner, head of the Family Assistance Office and author of a chapter in Iraq and Back on the effect of a soldier's wounding on the patient, family and community. Soloman has also worked with Jason.


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