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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A Strange Wednesday

I thought this would be another quiet day as Jason waited on scheduling of tests. We were up as usual and Jason headed off to PT and OT. Later on Kyla would tell me that Jason had a really good workout this morning stretching and strengthening the muscles in his right leg/buttock area. Jason came back to the room I am sure to talk to Jodi and is now sleeping away with a pillow over his eyes. Kyla said Jason had planned to come back this afternoon but Jason will be a no show.

I got up worked some on my Easter cards and waited for a call from Patrice, a friend we have met here in DC. She and I had set today to go on a spring walk in a park near or in Takoma. It was getting close to our meet up time and I tried to reach her by phone. We finally got to each other. We set a meet up, but a few minutes later Patrice called me back, "Katy, I tried to start the car but the battery is dead." Thank heaven, Martha hadn't called me about getting her car so I still have the van. "It is okay, I'll drive over and pick you up." I went to the Takoma station and parked in a 7/11 parking space. Patrice said it would take her about 15 minutes. I wondered where she was. While I wait, I will call Martha to see when she wants to get her van. I connect with Martha who is getting tested at Bethesda Naval and "would like her car now."

"Oh Martha, I am waiting for Patrice." Martha thinks and says she will call her husband who will come from Fairfax to pick her up (one hour trip by car one way), return home, come back by train later and I will pick her up at Tacoma at 6 PM this evening! We will then go on to Quixote and she will drop me off at WR on her way home after liturgy and potluck. I am feeling badly for Martha as I talked to Chuck on Monday and thought she would call me if she needed the car earlier than this evening. In the meantime; Patrice is out of my sight, waiting for me on the wrong corner. She didn't think to wring me on the cell and it is colder than blue blazes for our "spring walk." I call Patrice tell her where I am and she reaches me in about 5 minutes.

We head for the neighborhood park, beautiful old trees and small creek in a valley in Takoma Park. The sky is getting bluer and the temperature is getting warmer. We park the car and begin our walk, the violets are blooming and the daffodils are almost gone. The spring beauties are closed tight as the weather is too cold. All of a sudden, we hear the sound of a large woodpecker, a really large woodpecker. Looking up a male pilated woodpecker is going at it on one of the trees ahead! His red head bobbing as he bangs out his presence for all to hear. I have seen pilated woodpeckers in Fl with the grandkids. We lived in VA for 17 years and I do not remember ever seeing one in the Appalachian Mountains. We walk for about an hour and return to the car.

Patrice and I have lunch in Silver Spring at the Noodle Bowl and spend a few minutes looking for a gift for Jonathan who will be receiving his first communion in two weeks. After I take Patrice home and head to WR fearing I will never find a parking space at this hour. I decide to head to the lowest parking level and in about 5 minutes am parked. I go to the room where Jason is sleeping. I check the phone messages and "YES" Jason is scheduled for his tests tomorrow and has to check into Ward 66 this evening so he will be ready at 6 AM. I wake Jason up and give him the long awaited news!!! Jason immediately calls Jodi and we are saying, "This is what you have been waiting for for six months!"Let us hope and pray all goes well with the tests.

At 5;30 I head for the Metro in Tacoma Park, meet Martha and we head out to Quixote. The circle is large tonight with folks I hadn't seen in months. Sr. Jeannine Grammick is present for the first time. I had met Sr. Jeannine in Chicago when she came to speak on her ouster by the Vatican over her ministry to Gays and Lesbians in the Roman Catholic Church. She helped start New Ways Ministries. A very powerful circle of pray-ers for Jason's healing and success in his tests tomorrow. I am blessed to have been able to attend liturgy these last six months with persons who speak clearly "truth to power" for peace and justice and the Good News as lived by Jesus.

Martha drops me off at the Security Gate to WR and I head to Ward 66 and Jason who arrived about an hour ago. They have already put a line into his arm "going to hydrate me after midnight" Jason says. He looks a little anxious, I ask him if I can get him anything, Jason says, "No, I am okay." I give him a hug goodnight, assure him of everyone's good thoughts and prayers for the outcomes of the tests, which I now understand will only be two and head back to Mologne. I will have to be up at 5:30 to get back to WR before Jason's procedures.

Please keep Jason's healing in your prayers and good thoughts. And when your day gets chaotic, trust in the Love of God, do your best and let peace hold your heart gently. Remember always that life is a blessing, a gift to be celebrated and shared. Blessings.


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