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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Tests to Continue/Educational Meeting with VA

I was at the hospital at 6 AM this morning. Jason was awake, lights off in his room waiting to be called to the operating room and his tests. We went down about 6:30 to the pre-op area and Jason was taken in about 8 AM. I think the room reserved by Dr. Golarz must have been taken by another case as Jason was to be the first case today. Jason was in the OR about 1 hour undergoing tests and recovery after. He did not have a general anesthesia but one through an IV. It sounded as if an examination was done of the injured area.

Dr Golarz met with me after the procedure and reported that Jason would have to undergo another test as his sphincter muscle in one area "was diminished." Dr. G said that most of the muscle was healthy tissue and was positive in his outlook of the eventual outcome for Jason. Dr. Golarz will schedule the next test ASAP and work around Jason's already scheduled surgery on his left arm next Friday. After the results of the next test are known, Jason may possibly be facing an added surgery. Jason's body was not feeling like PT or OT after the test so he returned to the room about 11 AM.

I was preparing to go to my counseling session and left Jason working on his finances including the purchase of stock for investment. I walked to Silver Spring under a beautiful blue spring sky. It is so dry that the bright red tulips planted in the median have quickly closed. It was time to try to find an appropriate "chain" for the cross that Jonathan requested for his First Communion as I will be attending the event in Tampa in two weeks. I checked out a couple of stores and have not decided what I will bring with me for Jonathan. This was my first "shopping trip" as a relaxing break since I have been at Walter Reed. It felt so out of place in my "new normal" of being here at WR with Jason, focusing on trying to support him and be present to Jason. I shopped at Whole Foods for lunch: Jason got the Cuban beef and I got tofu sweet and sour that was very good along with a salad.

Jason was able to keep his afternoon appointment with the representatives of the Veterans Administration to discuss educational benefits and Jason's receipt of a voice activated computer. It sounds like lots of paperwork needs to be completed. From Jason's report of the interview, the new representative did not seem to understand the VA education benefits well enough to strongly support Jason in his pursuit of re-establishing himself after suffering very serious injuries on behalf of his country. Jason was very glad that Ms. Jeannie Lehowicz was present and ably guided the new VA rep through what needed to be done to support Jason's life goals after his service in the Army. Thank you very much for your work on Jason's behalf today, Jeannie.

I returned to the Mologne House to find Jason working on the computer. We watched clips of "Home star runner" his favorite www cartoon. Finally I said, "Jason, I cannot keep awake. I am exhausted from getting up at 5 AM." Jason said, "Can't fall asleep" I said, "Yes, I can," layed down on my bed and awoke at 7:30 PM and found Jason fast asleep on his. We watched John Stewart and Stephen Colbert and Jodi called for her evening visit.

Please pray and send good thoughts for Jason's continued healing especially of his lower digestive system. Imagine Jason whole and healed and ready for a long, full life. Pray for rain for all the areas of the earth that are parched and pray for the rain of peace to nourish each of our souls and communities.

Jason did receive his new Illinois driver's license on Wednesday by Fed Ex as Donna had promised. "YES" another task for activities of daily living accomplished. It will need to be renewed on his birthday in February 2007. Thank you, Donna.

We are looking for someone/a group who supports disabled veterans to donate a left-handed keyboard for Jason as he says, "I can't even type capitol letters with one hand on this keyboard." Thanks for your help if you are able to put us in contact with those willing to help.


Anonymous Dan said...

Capital letters are a tool of the bourgeousie to keep the proteltariat in line. Fight the power, brother.

Friday, April 07, 2006 2:37:00 PM  
Blogger Ron said...

email me about the left handed keyboard, if you are still in need.

Friday, April 07, 2006 8:37:00 PM  
Blogger Katy, Jason's mom said...

We will be in touch about the keyboard. Jason has asked an organization connected with WR to help and would like to wait on their reply.

Thanks for your offer of help to pursue the keyboard.


Saturday, April 08, 2006 4:18:00 PM  

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