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Friday, April 07, 2006

"A Rainy Day in Georgia" Ave.

We woke up at 7 AM to rain this morning, it looks like it might stay awhile today. Jason was still tired physically and (maybe emotionally) from his test procedure yesterday and is sleeping in today. Jason is sleeping peacefully with Clive, his healing mascot from Jodi, tucked near his face. It is 10:15 and Jason is still sleeping and it is still raining. May sleep bring healing to Jason's spirit and body. I called PT and told them that Jason would not make it this morning. I spent this gift of quiet time in prayer and reflection, answering email, doing laundry and writing the blog.

Jason awoke at 10:30 and said, "It's late (for PT)." What were we to do? It looked like it might rain any minute. Jason checked the movies and found two new ones he would like to see. The first was about "Slevin," a revenge movie and the "Benchwarmers" also a revenge movie but this time of the nerds playing baseball. Jason said,"Let's walk to Georgia Ave, get a cab" We planned on going to the movies and then eating out. The movie times were staggered, I had to wait an hour for mine Medea's Family Reunion while Jason watched Slevin. then Jason would wait until mine was over, he said he would browse Borders. Then we would both attend Benchwarmers together.

Jason enjoyed Slevin, the critics had written the viewer would not guess the story line. Jason said he did about 2/3 through. Won't tell you anymore but the story of revenge and its roots does have many threads that are woven together in the telling. Jason is so knowledgeable about movies, actors and actresses, movie making and the people who make them. It is good to listen to Jason as he shares background on the movies he watches. It is good to be able to share in his enjoyment in the movies.

I highly recommend Medea's Family Reunion. I had read reviews of Tyler Perry's work and the development of the character of Medea"based on the wise African American women" in Perry's own life. It is not a comedy as I understand Perry's stage performances of Medea's wisdom are. Medea is one of the best written and acted dramas I have ever watched. It is a story of love and domestic and what we do to our children to meet our own unconscious needs. It is so powerful at points in time the audience was so quiet I could hear a pin drop, other times we laughed out loud and then I cried (as I am sure others in the audience did too.) I plan on seeing Perry's works whenever I can. In his genre, I felt Perry captures human experience as well as Shakespeare.

"The Benchwarmers" was madcap/slapstick fun where the nerds do get their revenge! We knew who the badguys were and were oh so glad when they got their comeuppance! The characters, no matter how weird, taught us to accept each other as we are today. After the double feature, I can't remember when I last attended one, as usual we couldn't decide on dinner place. Jason finally chose the Austin Grill. We had been there for lunch but this dinner time is packed, service was slow, and Jason said, "We are not coming back. I'll give it a try in 5 months when I have forgotten how bad the food and service were."

Although the sky was black we thought we would give walking home a try. By the time we had completed our trip of 5 miles both ways, the lightening was flashing behind WR and we made it in just in time. Jason headed for the computer to check in on some finances while I read the local free papers I had collected in Whole Foods. It was a good relaxing afternoon. Jason began to watch a movie, then Jodi called for her evening visit and I headed to the lobby to work on the blog. May your weekend be filled with relaxing hours. Blessings.


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