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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Dan and the Sisolaks Visit Jason

I slept in till 8 AM(first time in a long time) and stayed in the room as I had told Jason "I was taking the morning off." I thought I would check in about 11 to see if there was any progress in his digestive system function. While I was there Dr. G showed up to check and change the packing in Jason's incision. I stepped out but saw the incision, made me woozy to see Jason's flesh open and layed aside. The wound was freshly packed. I didn't have time to ask Dr. G, "How does such a wound close?" But I will ask the next time I see him. Another doc came late afternoon to check and change the dressing, saying "It is looking good." So all I can say, "it is looking good."

While Jason and Dr. Golarz were having a "Why Football is the Best Sport" (punish behavior and it is a real team sport/not a one man show) discussion, each declaring football IS the sport. I asked Dr. G if the glasses that Jason had given him "Held water?" and he looked quizzically, smiled and replied, "Held more than water" and with that comment he stepped out. Dan arrived for his visit. I needed to leave as I had promised Joe, newly returned from Lourdes that I would take him to Forest Glen, I thought for shoes. I left Jason in Dan's able hands and they began to discuss what their friends from Chicago were doing.

I headed out to Mologne and Joe was impressed that Nancy and Ken had given Jason a car for his use while he is at WR. I said, "Jason has been blessed by the generosity of God as given from the goodness of so many people." Joe said that he now had to go to Forest Glen with its large PX because he needed to purchase wine for dinner. Some of the folks that he met on the Lourdes trip were having dinner. I thought it was wonderful that Joe could go.

I had never driven to the PX so I thought we are off for an adventure. Joe and I had a written Mapquest but not a map. Joe said, "I get lost a 100 times before I learn the way." I thought, "O'boy we are in trouble." But the angels were with us and we only made one wrong turn which I caught quickly; quick u-turn put us back on track. The PX line was really long (probably 50 folks in the feeder line) and I thought, "Joe, we will never make it for your 2:30 pick up" but Joe said, "There is a quick line for under 20 items" and thank goodness it worked. We also purchased gas that was 20 cents cheaper than the street at $2.98 a gallon. I thought, "We need to pay our soldiers more." We headed back to WR and I pulled in at the closed gate on 16th street. Just as I did, a Mustang pulled over and that was Joe's ride. Great timing!

After dropping Joe off I called Jason to see what was happening back at the hospital and to see if he wanted food. "No Dan is out for lunch right now." I thought I would get my lunch from Whole Foods and eat with them. So after I got my lunch, I headed to the room to find Dan outside talking on the cell with his brother in Italy who is in Army Counter Intelligence and Jason talking with the Sisolaks, Bill and Vira. Bill and Vira visited about an hour showing a beautiful gift from their first granddaughter, their son says, "My job is to change diapers and to print pictures." Sophie (spelling?) is fabulous. We had a discussion about moving the FBI and the CIA out from Homeland Security (Jason's idea) and good movies to see.

After Bill and Vira left I returned to Mologne to work on the blog and to walk my 2.5 miles. The sun was warm and the Flicker was back. I love him, such a beautiful bird. My blessing include seeing him on the ground "after ants" my sister Connie assures me. A pair of mocking birds has their nest on the corner of the walk and Dahlia as I head to the hospital. They are not afraid as they are right by the walk way. I love to see them perch with caterpillars or berries in their mouths before the dive for the holly bush and their nest. They sit on the chain and look at me saying "You don't know where I am going." I am so happy to see them taking care of their babies and think of how we each took care of "our babies" and now are again, "taking care of our sons and daughters" with as much love and fidelity and passion as our mockingbird friends. I feel connected to them and wish I could hold them in my hand, loving them as I know the God of Creation loves them and each of us.

After a while I call Jason and he said that Dan had just left. I could come over and "hang out" if I wanted to. I said I would and as soon as I got there Jason said, "What I really want is one of those Twist bars you got me yesterday." I head down to the snack area on the 3rd floor and get a Twist bar for Jason and try a Snickers ice cream cone for me. We share our snacks and watch CSI:NY, the first time for Jason and me. A really good detective story. Although CSI:Las Vegas will always be my favorite. At nine I say "goodnight" to Jason and head for Mologne.

I met Joe downstairs for breakfast this morning and asked him all about his trip to Lourdes France and the healing waters of a shrine to Blessed Mary that is located there. He enjoyed every minute of it. A Roman Catholic group from Medival times called the Knights of Malta pay for the trip of injured soldiers from the US to go to the shrine and also for their spouse. They provide care, MD's etc. Joe said that each person has a team of 7. Joe's wife Patrica is a professional photographer and made a DVD of the trip from still photos. They were absolutely gorgeous. She used black and white photos and colored photos all set to music. Joe had told me his wife was a professional and my only comment, "WOW" Joe and she felt very blessed to have been able to make the trip. I am happy to report that Joe is seriously thinking about becoming a deacon. He said, "I have to live my faith, I will not be a Sunday Catholic." He said that his aunt (I believe) had told his family that "Joe will not go to Iraq" and we know he will not because of his reaction to the vaccine. Now he says, "You tell me "become a deacon" and I know he will be a strong active voice for the Catholic Christian faith. I am so proud to be Joe's sister in faith. HIs gentle, loving spirit fills my spirit with joy. May Joe live long and prosper enjoying his children to the fourth generation.

I met Chaplain Fran with her Aunt outside and walking. Her Aunt Nita said, "Fran was eating this morning." (appetite is always punky with chemo) Fran looked good and I was so glad she has family staying with her. How good the love of family members for each other, how tender the care. I offered her a strawberry but she declined.

I met Judy; her son has one leg amputated and must wait about a year to see if his other leg will heal or be amputated at that time. He gets down about not being able to walk and is he making th right decision to see if his leg will heal. As grandparents we had a good discussion about "gettingthe grandkids out in the fresh air" and away from the electronics. Both of us have decided that TV is not the way to go and as we fought our battles this generation of parents will have to fight too. She says her 12 year old granddaughter is addicted to TV but she can still get her 2 year old grandson out of the house.

Blessings everyone, enjoy the beauty of God's creation every chance you can. Hug your loved ones without reservation! Enjoy your Sunday.


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