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Friday, May 05, 2006

Jason Feeling Better

I spent the morning in the MHH room as Jason has been sleeping to 11:00 AM. Spent a long time in conversation with a Gold Star mother (see below). When I arrived at Jason's room he was in a better mood. Jason said, "After having the pus removed and the wound cleaned out, I feel so much better, the pain is much relieved." Thank God and Jason's body wanting to heal and with the help of good doctors. I left Jason talking animately with Jodi. Dr. Golarz et al will stop by later today to insert the "wound vac." Dr. G decided not to insert the vac on his later visit, he changed the dressing and said he would visit tomorrow.

When I got back to the room Jason had received a message from the Medical Board and Rep Thornton who wants to see him ASAP to start the Medical Board process. He gave a list of items that Jason must submit and said he would have a complete list during their personal interview. I called the Disabled American Veterans representative and left a message saying the Medical Board has contacted Jason and would he please be in contact. I also left a message for the VA as when the representative created the list of Jason's wounds, in the final copy we received; 1/2 of the list is missing. I met Dr. Garvey, opthamologist, and mentioned that Jason had not had a follow-up to his eye surgery. Dr. Garvey said he would talk to Dr. Donnelly and see if one can be scheduled.

I stopped at the Deli and got Jason his turkey on wheat but the pretzels were all gone. I got a tuna wrap and the thing was about a pound of tuna, I couldn't eat it all. Next time I have to tell her "lighten up"on the tuna. Jason enjoyed the sandwich, said, "ate too much" I think I will take a nap. About 3, the crew from the documentary Terry, Jennifer, Eric and Bruce stopped by with a Jamba Juice for me and one for Jason. They had a good visit and want to tape Jason if he is still here on the next shoot in August. Terry also said, "Jason, please visit me in CA, I will be doing the editing for the movie and I think you would enjoy watching." Jason was very pleased to have been asked. We wished them well and they assured us that if it wins an Oscar we would be invited.

After their visit, I asked Jason to come on a walk as he has not been walking, given the sliced open belly with nothing holding it except a patch, I can definitely understand why Jason is not too keen on walking. We headed out and passing a door, I recognized the back of a head: Dr. Wickman. "Doc, Jason is walking." "I just thought about stopping by to see you." So we headed out for the circuit of the 6th floor. We did two circuits of the floor together Dr. W commenting on:
  • Jason's still limping.
  • Jason's right ankle bows out
  • Jason's right hip is not even
  • He mentioned a test to see the amount of possible nerve damage because of the buttock being wounded.
I was really happy that Dr. W had the opportunity to actually watch Jason walk and to evaluate what work must still be done in PT to help Jason regain strength. I felt good and hope that the Doc will set a program that Jason may continue to improve. I know this open belly healing will set Jason back for PT as all the major stomach muscles have been cut.

When we got back to the room it was stifling hot. A tech came in to take Jason's vitals, I said, "It is so warm in here, anyway to cool it down?" She said, "I will get you a fan" It is shaped like a popsicle but does move the air. She also said, "I will open the window." "You can open a window?" She went to the window and, what I thought was wall underneath, turned two handles and "voila" the wall opened; it was a window! Jason's room immediately became comfortable and I hope that Jason gets a good night's sleep.

Jason's vitals were temperature of 96.1 and blood pressure of 106/51. Sounded really good to me. Jason is taking oxycodone twice a day and motrin 3 times a day. Still no BM so Jason was thinking of asking the Doc for colaze. I had recommended Tums as they act as a laxative for me and Jason took one. I know also that Jason really needs to drink fluids, I think he is doing okay in that department. The pain medications constipate and depress appetite so it is a battle for balance. With his belly surgery wide open I am sure he needs the pain meds. Jason refuses to drink the prune juice I purchased. There is only so much a mom can do.

So prayers everyone thank you for holding Jason in good thoughts and prayers.

I met Anthony in the lobby. He has been put on the Kidney transplant list, 4 year wait. His wife and two children are in Germany. Anthony has been in the Army for 14 years, working in Personnel. He is worried about what will happen to himself and to his family if he is discharged from the Army. Anthony wants to bring his family to the US but has no way to do so. They cannot stay in Mologne House. If you know of any one in the DC who might help find a place/have a place for his family please let me know.

Karen called me after she learned I was here with Jason. Her son was with Jason at Ft. Knox. Ken was proud to be a soldier. He was killed in Baghdad two years ago. His website is You can see a photo of Jason with two other Captains who visited Ken's grave in March. She also has a blog: Google GSMSO if you want to read her own thoughts and feelings. Jason was not killed, but looking at the pictures of Karen's handsome son made me cry for all who have died, all who are injured and the grief suffering of their families.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

See if you can find bottled Lipton Green Tea with Citrus, sold like bottled water and such. It will help get things moving naturally without the usual discomforts. Very refreshing taste besides the important side effects.
God bless all our soldiers and their families.

Saturday, May 06, 2006 5:32:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Katy - Try Dried seedless prunes in a bag or can( 2-3/night) or a
hand full of raisins to "get Jason going". Hope everything else is fine. Many blessings, Dorothy Franks

Saturday, May 06, 2006 6:14:00 PM  
Blogger Katy, Jason's mom said...

Thanks for the hints.
Appreciate the help and I will purchase all that I can tomorrow.


Saturday, May 06, 2006 8:20:00 PM  

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