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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Dr. G: "He's Vacing Good."

As Jason has been sleeping in till 11 or so, I stayed in the room and packed up a large box of colostomy supplies now that Jason no longer needs them. I called the Quixote Center and asked if they sent such items to Nicaragua and Dolly P said, "Bring the supplies over." I know we can find a local free clinic if they don't go to Central America. Walter Reed understandably doesn't take such items back. Yet I know the value of colostomy supplies is high.

I called Jason at 10 and got no answer. I went over at 10:30 and he was trying to sleep. He said the environmental services were in again at least twice this morning and they emptied the baskets again while I was visiting. I would think once a shift would be a better use of WR Human Resources.

Dr. G was in this morning and placed Jason's wound vac so he didn't feel like going to PT as he had talked about yesterday. This is a full size vacuum I carried it as Jason did two circuits around the floor. I don't see how he could do much walking with it in. So Dr. G is looking for a "portable vacuum" so Jason can be released from the hospital. I don't know what they look like but I assume we will soon find out. Jason said that the vac would have to be checked every three days. We will see how this works, knowing it should take about three weeks for the wound to close. I am very glad Jason permitted the vac as I don't think I have the emotional fortitude for changing the wet-to-dry dressings in my son's operation incision and stoma wounds. Dr. G stopped by later in the day with his students in tow. He did say, coming out of Jason's door, "He's vacing good. Nothing else to say." Smiled and they were on their way. I said, "Till the next crisis?" Dr. G looked at me, "There will be NO "next" crisis."

Jason asked that I get him a Subway meal: 6 inch turkey, chips and drink. I sat and ate one of his yogurts while Jason talked to Jodi. However, he did not eat the lunch but said, "I'm tired." So no breakfast, no lunch. While Jason was in the rest room, the RN said she was worried because she didn't want to give him pills on an empty stomach and she knew he was not eating. I don't know if it is the pain meds, not able to sleep too well, his recovery from the surgery, or "wanting to be out" or a combination of the above but he's not eating well. Hopefully, Jason will eat the food sometime this afternoon. I am to check in at 3 PM to see how he is doing.

I returned to the MHH room and took a nap myself and returned to find that Jason had a much brighter mood. He wanted to take a walk and really walked! I carried the vac and walked on his left side. The second time around as we were returning to the ward, Dr. Ritchie who is actually taller than Jason caught up with us. I forgot to tell you I thought the vac was about 10 pounds and by now my hand is really tired. "Doc, help out, carry the vac for Jason. How much do you think that thing weighs?" "I would guess about 20 pounds." I thought good grief no wonder my hand and arm were getting tired. The other med student said, "They are heavy because we don't want people to walk out with them." I know early on in Jason's recovery Dr. G told us that each one costs about $20K, if I remember correctly.

When I returned to the room I realized I did not have my room card to open the door. I went down to the lobby and asked for a key. Back up and the key didn't work, down for another key. I take my stuff and I can't believe I did this, left the key in the room. So down I go again to get another key! A real comedy of forgetfulness. At the same time I realize I need a new parking pass as mine has expired. I get the pass, walk outside and can't find the car! I remember using it when it was raining. If I use the car during the day when WR is very busy M-F, I search and park it where I can. I think hard and "it hits me" down in the parking lot under WR. I head down and sure enough because it is "after hours" I see the car easily over by the wall.

The sun is shining and the weather warming. It was good to hear the birds singing as I walked across the post to the hospital. When I drove back from getting dinner I see irises and peonies in full bloom in the neighboring yards. So good to see the beautiful blooms. May each of you enjoy and drink deeply of the beauty of spring where ever you live. Take the time now to enjoy the gifts of creation around us. I think I will spend some time with the poet Mary Oliver this evening as she reflects on and captures natural wonders in words equal to the great artists who paint with oil.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Katy & Jason,your cousin Tony here.
My girlfriend had one of those portable wound vacs last year for her leg after her skin reduction surgery(lomg,continuing story-I'll fill you in if you're ever back in town).It's about the size of a hardcover novel and weighs about 5 pounds.I would expect it to have a shoulder strap as Anna's did 'cuz there's no other easy way to lug it around.
Wishes for a quick recovery for Jason and tranquility for you both.
P.S-AnnMarie's summa cum lade breakfast was this morning.She's # 11 in her class(and #1 in my heart).Graduation is June 3rd.I'm so proud of her!


Wednesday, May 10, 2006 10:32:00 AM  

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