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Monday, May 08, 2006

"A Rainy Day on Georgia"

A special "Happy Birthday"to Ellie, our 3rd grandchild, who turns 5 today. Many Blessings today and always Ellie, Lisa and Charlie Ryan's youngest.

I attended the mandatory meeting for families this morning, said "Goodbye" to Sgt D who is going back to Reserves. He has tried to be helpful with all the paperwork necessary to be reimbursed during my stay with Jason. As of today, I am owed March and April expenses. Hopefully, the correct paperwork will be submitted this afternoon as I am hand carrying a copy to the Finance office for I think my fourth trip there over the last 10 days. I think the rainy day has me feeling down as I continue my struggles with the great bureacracies. I took the "corrected copy" to Finance, "Incorrect," was Sgt. D's reply. I cried as I returned once more to Casuality Affairs, Jason is lying in WR with his belly wide open trying to heal, and here I am caught in the trap of "changing procedures? no training in changes? miscommunications?" bureacracy. The suffering and cost of war? Add my experience as a mother living as peacemaker amongst the living wounds of destruction. " soldier thrust his lance into his side, and immediately blood and water flowed out." John 19:34

I called Jason's room and he asked for a "Burger King whopper without tomatoes." I thought interesting breakfast/lunch, stopped on the way as it is located in Bldg 1, original hospital and took the food to Jason. I asked Jason who had been in "The usual calvacade," No details so I am not sure who Jason saw today. Wound was checked and dressing changed. Jason did not take a walk this morning.

As I arrived so did Mr. Danny Soto National Service Officer for the Disabled American Veterans. Mr. Soto will work with Jason throughout the Med Board process this summer/fall. Mr. Soto had a flow chart for the process "The Disability Evaluation System" that listed the flow of the steps in a clear and understanding fashion. First the medical members of Jason's team must come to a consensus on his mental, emotional, and physical status. A medical summary is prepared including Jason's "ultimate prognosis." There are three steps to the process and between each step usually a month is needed to process paperwork and to have the members involved, it looks like 3 members are involved for each step to come to a consensus/recommendation.

Mr. Soto said "About 40% of applications are completed within 3 months" Jason told him of his concern that he would not be permitted to go for his con leave once this process has started. Mr. Soto said, "No," he would speak to Mr. Thorton of Med Hold and be sure that Jason was able to take his 30 day con leave. I asked Mr Soto to please check on the listing of wound sites as Jason's paperwork only listed 9/20 that Ms. Isabel had listed in her session with Jason and I in January. He said he would be glad to follow up. Jason signed a consent form so that Mr. Soto could act on his behalf. Mr. Soto also told Jason that educational benefits exist for his spouse and children should he marry. Mr. Soto said that he was available at the MHH on M, W, and Friday. The Army is also providing him with an office, soon to be come a reality. Mr. Soto said that the VA will continue to work with Jason after he starts college to be sure that he has all equipment to be successful, whatever the need.

Later on I talked with MR Soto who said he had contacted Mr.Thornton (Med Hold): leave is okay. Mr. Thornton needs to meet with Jason when he is out of WR for 1/2hour paper processing. Mr. Soto also said that the listing on that form was not connected to Med Board but was for VA educational benefits.

After Mr. Soto left Jason said, "Mom I am really tired, I didn't sleep well. The burger is effecting my stomach." I thought, "Probably pretty heavy as he hasn't been eating very much." I gave Jason a tums and said I would call back about 2 PM to see how he was doing. I called back at two but Jason didn't answer so I thought I would try back later. I needed some quiet time and spent it in prayer and reflection.

I headed to Jason's room at about four. Jason said it was one rough day, as he would fall asleep and the cleaning person would come and wake him. He said he had to have happened at least 5 times. I thought they are being over zealous for not taking out the trash until I complained to the RN supervisor at one point on the weekend. A RN actually took it out that night.

Jason and I took a walk, he had already gotten up and shaved. Jason sat as he the Chinese carry in. He had wonton soup, a spring role and plain rice. Jason thought this food might do better than the burger this morning. We watched the Simpsons and I left him talking to Jodi. Jason said he was going to try to go to PT on Tuesday as the Doc said he could do "passive stretches." OT did not come by to help with his wrist supination today. I am not sure what is going on with OT. Tomorrow Dr. G is going to decide on whether Jason will use the wound vac.

Let us give thanks that Jason continues to heal. Let us pray for his comfort, his pain control and his ability to eat and do physical therapy-walking at this time. Let us pray that his left wrist continues to heal so that he can increase his supination and that OT/PT will aide in this process. Let us pray that Jason continues to heal in mind, body and spirit. I imagine these days being so long for Jason when he declares "I want to get out of here."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there any info you can give on the medboard process? I was also injured in Iraq and will soon be going though the process, but I don't really know anything.

Monday, July 24, 2006 3:59:00 PM  

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