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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Jason's Digestive System: "A Okay"

I got up and prepared to attend Mass this morning. I decided I would go to the store and get some tea and prunes to help Jason's digestive system. I stopped at the room and Jason was sleeping. I attended liturgy and returned to Jason's room. Dr. Golarz stopped by to check and change the dressing. Dr. G, Jason and I discussed his medical situation. Dr. G will adjust pain meds to see if that will enable Jason to walk more as Jason said, "It is painful to get up and walk." Dr. G ordered a large comfortable chair so that Jason could sit and eat or "sit and read a book" as Dr G told us,"It is best for Jason to walk, second best to sit up in a chair, least helpful for healing is lying in bed."

Dr. G gave us a mini lecture on the fascia as I wanted to know, "Why do you all speak constantly about the fascia?" Dr. G said, "Muscles in the stomach area are not as important as the fascia. The fascia does the work of keeping the organs in the stomach cavity. The fascia must be intact and strong." Dr. G said after the infection he was worried about the strength of Jason's fascia. But it is now looking better every time he checks the wound. The open wound will heal in about 3 weeks from the inside out if no further complications occur. Dr. G said to me, "You are your patient's advocate." I said, "But I am also Jason's mom." I know that Jason respects words concerning his medical condition from Dr. G ever more than from me-mom and non-medical. And that is correct as it should be.

We discussed Jason's appetite being depressed and Dr. G said "Yes, that is one of the side effects of the pain meds." He encouraged Jason to drink the protein supplements available via the hospital menu. After Dr. G left, Jason and I walked twice around the halls and then he asked that I go to KFC and get some chicken strips and ranch dressing. So off I went to get some food for the son, I am glad I got him a meal which included two sides-macaroni and mashed potatoes. Jason tasted the chicken and said, "This just doesn't taste good." He ate the sides though which made me feel better as I have been really worried about his appetite knowing he needs calories and nutrients to heal after major surgery.

I headed to Mologne for my date with a massage (see below) then began to watch the movie The Family Stone. Jason called, "What's up?" "My digestive system is working just fine WITHOUT prunes or prune juice." "What do we do to celebrate?" "Bring me one of the ice cream Twiks and we'll watch the new Simpsons!" was Jason's reply. So off I go, giving thanks for each of you who have journeyed with us and sent Jason good thoughts and held images of a happy, healed Jason and, of course most of all for me, all of your prayers of support.

Soldiers and Blessings:

I met Anita as we were doing laundry together, 3rd floor of Mologne. She was reading a National Geographic type book on the beginnings of the earth and taking notes as she sat on the floor waiting for her laundry to finish. I had seen her before and asked "Are you a teacher? or do you have an interest?" She said, "I am trying to understand both Science and the Bible story of Creation." I thought "Oh" here is someone I would like to talk with. So we exchanged rooms and numbers and I will try to meet with her soon. I have a wonderful prayer book called "Prayers to the God of Evolution" by Bill Cleary a married Roman Catholic priest.

CAUSE: Comfort for America's Uniformed Services; offers a support program before every holiday. I have not been able to make the ones before Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines but today I was determined as my time is growing to a close at WR to attend one of the functions. Today The Tranquility Day Spa offered Manicures, massages, and paraffin hand wraps. Easel Hair Studio offered hair cuts. All of the pampering is free of charge to soldiers and family members. I never saw so many folks in the lobby and on the 2nd floor balcony space. I was happy that so many of the soldiers were taking advantage of the services offered including the paraffin hand wrap. All of the those offering service were bright and smiling "honored to be able to support our soldiers and families." One of the women said, "We need to get more salons involved so you all can have the services more frequently." I really thanked each of them that I could especially Nicole who gave me a wonderful massage. Blessings on their goodness, again the generosity of the American people touches my heart deeply.

I walked in to Jason's room this week and found a pink carnation on his tray with this note:
"Virginia L. is a Navy wife and mother who will soon be 99 years of age. Her family celebrates he life today with a flower and good wishes for your health and happiness." I put it in a bottle and it is still fresh after a week. Isn't that a wonderful way to celebrate? The fresh flower brings me joy when I see it each day. Ann Landers would often write these kind of "thank you" so: maybe one of the readers of this blog will know Virginia and can extend my thanks to a very thoughtful family. Blessings,

Let us give thanks for Jason's continual healing. Thanks for your friendship. As I returned to Mologne this evening a gentle rain was falling. Thanks that the earth is receiving much needed water for the growing season to come. May you all rest well tonight, and may all your dreams be filled with good things for you.


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