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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Waiting and Waiting and....Day Two

Today was another day of waiting for the wound vac to arrive. Jason was understandably frustrated. I arrived about 9 and discussed the situation with the RN, Ms Joyce. She said she would discuss with one of the discharge RN's whom she trusted. Ms Bird came down later in the day and said she had gotten the paperwork flowing. The control group is in Texas, so the paperwork must flow from WR started by MD then social worker then Texas then back to DC and the local DME to deliver. The local folks told Ms Bird they were all set to deliver, needed paperwork. From her presentation, she understood that nothing was done yesterday so I am not sure what has been going on. Talking to Dr. Ritchie later in the day when it still had not arrived he assured me that he would check into the situation on Friday if it has not showed up. So Lord have mercy, let the vac arrive on Friday. I can't imagine it showing up on the weekend.

Jason and I had a slow day. As usual he tried to sleep till around 11, then asked for a deli sandwich and a pretzel. Jason drank quite a bit of the OJ, they are now putting a 16 oz on each meal tray. He didn't want to take any pain meds, said it wasn't hurting that badly. Although when Jason walked he did mention the hurt. I reminded him about keeping the pain meds at an even amount in his blood. Again the environmental services was in and out all day, probably about 5 times during the day shift.

After lunch Jason had an interview with a Fox radio personality named Ingraham. She did a professional and quickly focused interview. She will send Jason a pod cast of the show when it is done. I will let you all know if Fox lets us know. I am assuming the show will air soon. She gave Jason a tee shirt with a "But" crossed out and a monkey swinging from the circle. Called a "But monkey" "I support the troops BUT...." was the statement she used to explain the logo to Jason. (I tactfully kept my mouth shut.) The PR staff from WR who escorted her for the interview in Jason's room was very pleased with Jason's responses to her questions. So am I. Jason is very intelligent and articulate and it shows in his answers. Don the PR staff said, "I wanted to bring her to someone who could handle her questions well." And Jason is his answer. Jason waved "Goodbye" and said, "Anytime."

We spent the afternoon watching Law and Order episodes. Also watched the program where an Ex thief breaks into a business than they go through what needs to be done to increase security. The thief comes back tries to break in again and couldn't. What was really cute about this show is that the thief stole the guard dog! He looked like a brindle pit bull but was really friendly! The thief also stole the owner's truck. One of the anti-theft devices was a machine high on the wall that filled the garage with "smoke/fog" so no one could see where he was going.

I went down and got Jason a soup-chicken rice and hamburger for dinner from the mess hall. We finished it off with Twix ice cream bar which Jason has come to really like. We watched the Simpsons together about the first kiss for Homer and his wife at camp. Then the rain which had been forecasted arrived with a vengeance. Jason said, "Take the van to Mologne mom." The man has really good ideas as I was dreading getting drenched during the 10 minute walk.

Stopped by to see Eric and his dad. Eric is having a home built by a group I have written about. Please check the website and see if you would like to donate to the building of Sgt Eric's home in NC. There is a checklist of items needed from foundation to roof. The architect added a room as Eric's dad will stay often to help with Eric's care.

While getting Jason's ice cream I met another dad named Art. His son has been at WR for 4 months and had been in ICU for 3 weeks on arrival. His mother in law collapsed when she heard the news. He said it is so difficult to be here. His younger son (18) will not leave his brother's side.

What do we learn from 2 days of waiting? Time is relative and stretches, it shrinks. May you use time well to experience deeply all of life, count your blessings, enjoy the moments of peace. Reach out to others in support. Please continue to pray for Jason's healing and that the wound stays infection free. Pray for healing for Jason and all the members of our family.


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