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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Waiting and Waiting and....

Jason spent the day waiting for his "portable" wound vacuum. When I left at 5:30 he was still waiting and the Doc who was visiting was saying, "All we need is the vac to be delivered." When I arrived back at the room at 9:30 Jason was not there so he decided to stay in the hospital even if he did get the vac late today. Jason was more awake today, still sleeping in at 11 AM. Jason says so many staff are in and out of his room, "I cannot sleep."

After receiving the news about Gilda and her son, I was "out of sorts" for the rest of the day. I attended my counseling session with Diann Neu of WATER and we spent a very long time in prayer for Gilda and crying together for the human suffering caused by war. We begged God to teach us the way to evolve beyond war as the answer. We asked for healing and reconciliation and understanding for ourselves and especially for Gilda.

When I returned to Jason's room he was being visited by another soldier from Ft. Stewart, a double leg amputee named Tan. He is being accompanied by his brother Darryl. Tan is one of the most outgoing young men I have ever met. He is from Philadelphia and said, "When I first arrived, I knew nothing. Now I like to share the info with other soldiers to make their stay easier." Tan visited with us for about an hour, sharing his experiences:
  • staying at the Hilton: Don't--no toilet paper, towels, refrigerators, paid parking.
  • Homesforsoldiers (I've written about this group). Tan will have a home built for him "need one for a wheelchair." They think he will have a home in about a year.
  • He loved WR hospital food! Especially salmon and chicken Caesar salad
  • Tan loves to be able to drive; didn't like the 2 day course the Army offers to be certified. Tan's car has been modified by the VA to have all controls on the steering wheel shaft. Tan said the first time he drove, he caught his prosthetic foot on the gas (remember no feelings) and didn't know what he was doing. He said, "I think I will take my leg off so that doesn't happen again."
  • Tan told us about his brother Darryl who has been so good with him and all the other patients at Mologne. Darryl is "borrowing my car all the time to take a soldier somewhere."
  • Tan asked "Where are the cute nurses like the movies?" Jason and he exchanged stories and comments.
Tan is always so upbeat he is great to have as a visitor. This time he was also filled with good info for Jason as he looks to completing his own stay at WR this summer.

As usual I attended liturgy at Quixote Center. Today we had wonderfully fresh corn and a vegetarian quiche. We prayed again for Gilda and her son. May you too have time for quiet, mediation, reflection, prayer. Our lives are so busy we need time to reflect on its meaning and our experiences of the joys and sorrows. Please continue to pray for Jason's healing of mind body and spirit.


Blogger proud fan said...

Hi there. I found your blog while perusing some others and I just wanted to tell you that I will definitely keep Jason and your family in my prayers. Without people like him, the rest of us would not be able to enjoy the freedoms of this country. God bless.

Thursday, May 11, 2006 1:10:00 AM  
Blogger Katy, Jason's mom said...

Thank you so much for your support
Blessings to you,

Thursday, May 11, 2006 7:39:00 PM  

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