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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Jason and Jodi's Plans for His 30 Days Convalesence Leave

I thought "I haven't let you all know about Jason's and Jodi's plans for the next month."
  • Jason leaves at 8:40 Monday to fly to Tampa and my daughter's home where all his stuff and his car is stored. He will spend a day, sorting and giving away all his "unwanted items" as he did here. Jason will then drive to Orlando and Jodi, about 2 hours from Lisa's. Jason plans to return to WR July 4th with his car.
  • Jason and Jodi will fly to Chicago on Friday "to introduce Jodi to Chicago" They will take a train in from the airport, Chicago River boat tour, stay on Michigan Ave or the Loop, eat out etc. Then they will head toward WI to attend a Jimmy Buffett concert, return to Chicago to see the play "Wicked" which Jason has been trying to see for sometime then fly out on Sunday.
  • The following weekend they will fly to Scotland as Jason would like to see the Orkney Islands with Jodi. Jason has visited Scotland when he was about 12 with his Dad who is Scottish and wants to show the Scottish red cows to Jodi. When Jason visited he really liked them.
  • After they return to Orlando Jodi will start summer school and, I assume, they will look around for an apartment as her rental is being sold. Jodi has one more year of undergraduate studies in college there.
I think this is just the beginning of what their future will look like. May Jodi and Jason lead rich in experiences lives with good health, friendships and laughter all around. Blessings and safe journey.

Katy's Plans
I have to complete outprocessing paperwork on Monday, "closing out my ITO" (invitational travel orders.)
Find out the next steps for the car, possibly returning to Nancy.
Making travel arrangements so I can fly back to Chicago for the first time since October 20th, 2005.


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