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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Jason Puts His Socks and Shoes On=Ready for Scotland

Jason slept in and about 9 AM I woke him up because Patrice Gilbert was coming over to do "a shoot" of us both. She is thinking about a project of parents and soldiers. This morning was very cloudy but Patrice said, "Cloudy is better than bright sunlight" She tinkered with her equipment as she has just changed cameras and the shoot took about an hour by the pool and under a tree. Patrice said, "Jason is so handsome." I replied, with not a little pride, "I know that." Patrice as so many others have said, "Jason looks so much like his dad." I said, "I agree since he was, but I claim Jason has my brains and my humor." Jason went inside and we went to a Southern magnolia in the garden now in bloom, my final flower that I will see open in DC. The flower, creamy white, is about a luncheon plate size and absolutely gorgeous. I took my photo while Patrice held the branch and then she took a photo of me with the flower. We said our "Goodbyes" and "See you if you come to DC." I don't know how I will ever visit with every one I have met and have become friends.

I went inside the room and Jason lifted up his right leg with his socks and shoes on both feet! "Ta Ta" he said very, and rightly so, proudly. I had just told Patrice that Jason will have to continue to work on putting on his right sock and shoe as this is the task most difficult for him, the result of the severe wounding on his right buttock. I smiled and thought, "You ARE ready to go with Jodi to Scotland." Let us rejoice and be glad! Jason can now dress himself from head to toe including buttoning shirts and pants. As I have said often on the blog, when Jason shows he has remastered a skill he could once do without thinking, my heart sings ever so much more than when he was learning the same task as a child. Each one is a gift of Jason's life to me and brings tears of joy to my eyes. And I want to dance as David did in the temple.

One last parental conversation, doesn't this sound familiar?
Jason, "I am off to Dan's"
"When you coming back?" (I had planned to ship the rest of the FedEx boxes today.)
"Before midnight?"
"Okay, I'll ship tomorrow."

Off the son went to a BBQ at his best Army buddy's home on the other side of town, driving the car. I thought "Sigh, I'll have to walk for Chinese one last time." I called Fran to see if she wanted lunch but she had just eaten breakfast. I said I would call later to see if she wanted to have a dinner. I did call later but she didn't answer. I hope everything is okay, I'll check in tomorrow.

I went out for one last walk across WR to Georgia Ave and Lucky Ginger fried rice. Mologne has a small DVD library, mostly it has games for Playstation but I borrowed Lost in Translation which I had never seen. When I called it quits on the packing for today, I ate Chinese take out and watched the movie. Bill Murray is good as always. A relaxing way to spend a my last Saturday evening at Mologne. I feel the energy drawn into me by WR slowly being released onto the Winds of Time and it is time to turn toward Chicago and what lies ahead. Jason and I will finish packing tomorrow and I will take the boxes to ship. Dan will come to move Jason's items to his home for storage during the weeks Jason will be gone.

I hope you take many pictures of your summer times with family and friends as we will never return to them again as they are that day. Make happy summer memories to cherish in the years ahead and may they be blessed as my time with my precious son has been. Life is a gift; live and cherish it to the fullest. Peace to you , to your family and friends, and to all the world especially the people of Iraq.


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