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Friday, June 02, 2006

What a Day: This last Friday at Mologne House for Me

Jason was up early to go to PT and have his wound checked. He spent all morning working on getting permission to leave. He had to visit Tricare Health(supplemental to the VA health care system) even though he plans no therapy while on leave. Jason needed to talk to travel and to Med Hold to have papers signed. Jason had to tell someone this morning, 'I am leaving on Monday, even if I have to pay for the ticket myself" before the staff person would sign the paperwork. He was finished about 1 o'clock.

I continued to pack and sort, cleaning out Jason's dresser and nightstand, the bathroom personal items, and the snack box. A lot went to the Mologne table and was gone when I walked by. Tomorrow we re-pack the green box for storage at Dan's. I have small piles of to go there? or where? Jason's gray and green bags are slowly filling up with clothes, and personal stuff. All this to pack up one room for two people. Boggles the mind.

I went to lunch a little after one in the mess hall because we had been invited to the Promotion Ceremony for soon to be LTC Fr. Rich Spencer who visited Jason when he was first in the hospital on Ward 65. Jason was unable to make the ceremony because he was in PT. The chapel was full with Army officers and family, one of which is also a priest serving in the military.

I would like to relate two stories about this RC priest. When the Pentagon was hit on 9/11 Fr. Rich led the men into the destroyed section. The way the story is told, "the old guard soldiers" were in shock. Fr. Rich stood on a box(?) and spoke exhorting the men to have courage and to come to those who were injured and to find the dead. I thought two priests that day lived the Presence of God amidst human-willed destruction. Fr. Michael was doing the same at the sight of the Twin Towers and gave his life in his efforts. Fr. Rich will be returning to Korea for his fifth tour of duty there. On one of his earlier tours, Fr. Rich went undercover for the Army and was part of the exposure and capture of a black market ring which included soldiers.

On a lighter side all the chaplain officers were in awe of his shooting ability on the range. Fr. Rich performed "wonders for the scores of each of the chaplain units" he was in. The chaplains spoke of Fr. Rich being a truly holy person able to minister of those of all faiths and a gift to the patients and the families at Walter Reed while he attended Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) this past year. All spoke that Fr. Rich shortly would be promoted to Colonel based on his contributions to the Army and his leadership abilities. I experience Fr. Rich as one of the most pastoral priests I have ever encountered in my 63 years of Roman Catholicism especially in those dark hours immediately after Jason's arrival at WR.

Jason had received a Outback gift card from Aunt Sue Lincoln. As we were packing, Jason checked his stash of gift cards and said, "Let us use this one!" So off we went to the restaurant out in Wheaton. Jason ordered, I believe, an 8 oz steak covered with Bleu Cheese and ate the whole thing which even surprised himself. (I wasn't as he hadn't eaten breakfast or lunch except for some snacks.) Next to the restaurant is a Tropical Fish store. As we had a 45 minute wait for dinner, Jason said, "Let's check it out."

Ritual for Leaving WR:
I had been feeling a need for a ritual to mark the ending of my stay at Walter Reed as mother, as priest chaplain, and peacemaker. I had also wanted to mark the "new beginning" for Jason as he has completed this intense and most challenging period of his healing and recovery. This time after arriving as a Very Seriously Injured soldier to now planning to spend a week in Scotland with Jodi(leaving two weekends from now.)

During this past week I had a dream through which I do believe the God of Evolution speaks to us as to Jacob and Joseph Mary's spouse. Jason and I together were exiting the elevator into the Mologne House lobby. (I had continually told Jason in the early days, "You will walk out of WR.") Everything in the lobby was normal and the time was day. I knew that behind Jason and I was a roaring fire. The hotel was not on fire.

When I learned that Jason had been injured, I said, "I am being plunged into Hellfire." After almost 8 months Jason and I "are leaving Hell behind us." For Jason the fire of combat and injuries of war and for myself the fire of emotional and spiritual challenges for which a mother cannot consciously prepare. We both have far to go for healing of body, mind and souls(and so have all who have been touched by his life's journey.) We are walking into the lobby where persons check in and out of MHH, crossing the threshold we prepare to re-enter the "larger world" of our lives.

From the fish store I purchased a fish to represent "entering the river of life "once again, especially for Jason. I purchased a koi with a golden head, white body and black spots. Gold representing divinity. Jason and I went out side to the pond that is in the reflection garden behind MHH. It was dark and lightening lit the skies. Jason was talking on the phone to Lisa, I thought of asking him to hang up but I wanted Lisa "to participate as she could" so I did not. I cut open the bag, Jason refused to be the one to release the koi, and the fish slipped into the dark water as I said, "For Jason as you have experienced Hell and now re-enter the river the life of once more." Jason gave me a hug, named the koi Frank and told Lisa he had been living in our bathroom sink for the last three months.

Blessings on all of you who have journed with us these last months through Hellfire. Only knowing you were on the journey with us kept me alive to the experiences of my soul. I am forever grateful for the Compassion of God expressed through your lives, your thoughts, your prayers.


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