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Friday, June 09, 2006

Jason's Health Status as of June 5, 2006

I thought I would give you a "head to toe" overview of Jason's health as he begins his 30 day convalesence leave.
  1. Jason has an "Iraqi spot" about the size of a quarter on the very top of his head. I do not know if hair will grow in it. Jason is optimistic as he has been from the beginning that all his hair will regrow.
  2. Jason's right eye tears often. He will have the MD check as the Docs said there could be a problem with his tear duct. This eye is blind because of the damage to the color cones. His left eye is corrected and he can read and drive; two very important functions for Jason.
  3. Jason has little feeling on the right side of his face. If his right nostril runs he cannot sense it. His taste and smell "comes and goes." He still cannot taste liquor especially wine. Jason seems to be able to "smell the bad smells." Some foods taste good to him like the Outback steak.
  4. Jason's jaw still needs to open wider, so PT still continues to help him unlock the jaw and maybe Jodi can do the "push down" while she is with Jason.
  5. Jason will have to have his hearing and teeth checked as part of the med board process. Neither of these has been checked so far.
  6. Jason's facial skin still has trouble with acne. He is trying cleansing pads at this time.
  7. Jason has not had the opportunity to work with his right arm prosthetic. Jason did take it to Florida and I hope that he uses it daily while on con leave.
  8. Jason's left wrist still has very limited supination, maybe 10%. I don't know if Jason got exercises to do while on leave to increase the ability to turn his wrist. Jodi may be able to rub cream on his three left arm scars to help them heal.
  9. Jason's belly incision was bleeding slightly when he left. Because it is healing without stitches, he has "banks" with an incision opening in the middle where the flesh was unable to grow together. This might lessen in time.
  10. Jason's limp on his right side is much improved. He will really have to work on strengthening his buttock and thigh muscles and "reconnecting the nerves" injured in the IED blast. The PT said it could take up to two years so his work is cut out for him.
  11. Jason bemoans the fact that he "has a belly" and is looking forward to working out. Jason did receive his boxing prosthetic that he plans on using when he returns to WR.
  12. Jason's mind is sharp and his wit quick as ever. Jason's memory is superb. He continues to enjoy movies, books and TV. Jason will meet challenges of reintegrating into the larger world of life and work. I know that he will be successful as I marvel at the miracle of his healing till now. I know that he and Jodi will make many memories together.
Let us hold Jason's continued healing of mind, body and spirit in our good thoughts and prayers. Let us hold this convalesence leave in our thoughts that Jason and Jodi truly will rest and enjoy all that life has to offer. Thank you for your kindness and please keep us all in your good thoughts and prayers and we discover our "new normal" as a family and circle of friends. Let us pray and work for peace so that no other family will experience such trauma of a family member injured in war.


Blogger Anna said...

Dear Jason and Family,

My name is Anna, sister of SGT Eric Edmundson, the young soldier whose room was next to yours on Ward 58.

I came across a link to your blog on a military related site.

I have spent the past hour or more reading about your journey. The strength, determination, love that has surrounded you the past eight months is palpable.

The blogs written by your mother have especially touched my heart. She is a woman with a mission, and is touching many lives with her grace and faith.

I just wanted to send our best wishes for continued recovery.... you will go far!

Feel free to visit Eric's Caringbridge website to follow his own road to recovery.

Most Respectfully,

Monday, June 12, 2006 9:06:00 PM  
Blogger Katy, Jason's mom said...

Dear Anna,

Thank you for your kind words.
I hope that you know I keep all the patient soldeirs and their families in my prayers, especially Eric father of Gracie!

Blessings on you all,

Tuesday, June 20, 2006 12:02:00 PM  
Blogger Paige said...

Hi Jason and Family,
My name is Paige, a highschooler at North Penn in Pa. My mom is a member at Curves where a mother of one of Jason's buddies works. I heard of Jason's story and all i could say is wow. You are truely a hero and I think i need to say thank you-thank you for your strength and courage. Sometimes i wonder what is the point of this war and then i hear stories like yours and i know we need to keep hope for your sake. I have a cousin in Iraq and I can only imagine what it must be like. I want you to know that i will keep you in my prayers and know you will keep recovering. Remain strong and brave and with many prayers and faith I know you will go far! Thanks so much for all you have done for our country and allowing me to live in a land that is free!
Sincerely Paige Setzer

Wednesday, June 28, 2006 8:36:00 PM  

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