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Friday, June 09, 2006

Week of June 6, 2006: "Katy You Are a Suspected Terroist" and other notes

I had a very good night's sleep at Ron's and was back at WR by 9 AM in order to try and get a plane ticket. Did I ever get to Chicago? Only after a grueling morning in the "paperwork chase." First I had to complete the paperwork to close out my ITO (Invitational Travel Orders) financially. That took some doing because three men sat behind desks in the Finance Office, but only one "computer was working this morning." The sargeant was very helpful once he got into the files and we completed the one page needed for orders from finance in about 30 minutes.

Then back I went the ten minute walk to Family Assistance on the third floor of WR to what the travel officer would do. I met with her waiting with her on the phone with the travel agency used by WR. I decided to call Dow to check on his schedule to see if he could pick me up at O'Hare, he could not. So back I went to the travel officer and we waited again for another 30 minutes on hold with the travel agency. I figure government trips must be a low priority for them. Finally I got a ticket, but assumed incorrectly that it was with USAir as had all the other tickets the family had received.

Before I left the post, I walked the 2nd floor veranda one last time. Encircling the building I breathed in Peace and breathed out Healing alternately I breathed in Healing and breathed out Peace. It was good to leave a blessing for all who work here, minister, patients and family members and friends. May Walter Reed continue to be a island of hope and healing in the midst of war.

So about 12 ish I jumped into the car and headed to National. When I got to National I stood at USAir ticket counter after unsuccessfully trying the quick "do by machine yourself" ticketing. "Sorry Mam, this ticket is for United." Whoops, so on my way to the next counter I go. "I am sorry mam but this E-ticket does not have a ticket number." Thank God! she was a wonderful agent and took my problem under her very experienced eye because I do not know if I would have ever figured it out. She said that United had many problems with errors from this agency. She said it must be very hard on parents with an injured child. Her eyes began to tear as she said, 'My baby has been in the hospital the first year of her life. Travel is so hard." I looked at her with compassion and she courageously blinked away her tears and returned to help me.

The agent had to call the travel agency and once again was put on hold. This time she asked me to hold the phone, she put it on the counter, I moved out of the way of other travelers and "held the phone." After an eternity, the phone responded and the agent heard the ticket number.

Finally...the agent said, "You are buying this ticket on the same day as flying. You are scheduled for "extra security measures." My heart sank through the floor and I could not believe it. For the third time I would be wanded. (I stopped the second you remember by calling ahead to the TSA. I had not called this time because Jason was not with me and I figured I was in the data base with a flag next to my name, maybe that IS why I was wanded.) I went through security, asked to speak to the supervisor, he called his supervisor. "No you cannot take a picture of yourself being wanded." I again broke into tears and was told by the supervisor, "I am a Marine and when I returned to the USA they spit on me. Everyone is wanded, it is random." I said, "It is NOT random as I have been told by the United agent that Homeland Security requires it for same day ticket purchases. My son was very seriously injured in Iraq and I have been by his side for 8 months at WR. Sir, when you wand me, you spit in my face as the mother of a soldier who has been injured in a war I am against as I was against Vietnam." I will write a letter to my congresspeople and let them know for the sake of other parents of soldiers of the indignity and humiliation of wanding. I know the ticketing and security process can be changed. I bordered the plane weeping for all who suffer from war; we are all collateral damage of the soul of humanity.

I got home to Chicago and took a taxi as Dow had advised. The ride cost me almost $60 and the driver took me way south. Usually the ride is under $40. I tried to call the number the driver had listed on his sheet "Sorry this number has been disconnected." I paid the padded fare and went upstairs and collapsed. Dow arrived home later and we went out to dinner.

Wednesday I got up and stood in the kitchen. Not having a kitchen for 8 months, I stared blankly at the room. It was so strange an experience, I was not connected in any way to this room. I made myself think, "I have to eat and cook, what do I need to do?" I began to look at recipes and slowly the process of planning a meal was reconnected in my mind. I went into the dining room where my phone is and could not remember how to use the system to retrieve 25 voice mails. At some point Dow disconnected VM or people stopped trying to call. I called AT & T and thank goodness the nice woman walked me through the process and again with some "help for my memory" the process re-clicked.

In the evening, two other women from the six-flat stopped by and welcomed me home. It was good to see them and hear the latest in the apartment life. Sue asked me to walk with her on Thursday morning as we live in a condo on the beach of Lake Michigan in the very North-East point of the city. I welcomed the walk as a way to "Say 'Hello' to Chicago" again.

On Friday I took Dow to the airport for his long weekend in Tampa Florida with the grandkids. Jason and Jodi would arrive from Florida, the weather was truly Midwestern for Jodi's introduction to the city. Very chilly 60's and blustery with a little sun peeking through. I left a message on Jason's cell saying "Come up to the apartment and get yourselves jackets" but didnt see them. They will tour the city and sleep downtown. Jason and Jodi will come to the house tomorrow to pick up the car to head toward WI and Jimmy Buffett. I think they will need to take blankets for warmth! Of course part of me thinks this is a good way "to prep for Northern Scotland." Get Jodi out of sunny Florida "bit by bit."

I talked to Fran this afternoon and the chemo "did a wonderful job" in reducing her tumors throughtout her belly. The downside, she must repeat the whole three month chemo process again. Her family is coming to stay as she is not in remission at this time. Her MD said that she had every chance of going into remission if she followed the prescribed treatment, if not she would become terminal as this is a very aggressive form of cancer. We gave thanks that she was okay after the treatment so far and asked God to continue to heal her. We said the Lord's prayer together. Nancy and Ken who so graciously gave a Pathfinder to Jason are working with Fran so that her family might use the auto when they visit.

Please keep Fran and all the soldier patients in your good thoughts and prayers. Please keep Jason and Jodi in your thoughts imagining them laughing, enjoying each other, and "cuddling to keep warm" in Chicago. Blessing to you all.

I have been taking naps every afternoon since returning to Chicago. I am sleeping okay but am physically and emotionally exhausted. I began to work out at Loyola's fitness center using the weight machines and that feels really good. As I unpack, I repack to drive the 1000 miles to South Dakota and Dow's cousin Loren's and Gloria's cabin next week (see and click on cabin when you are on the site.) I plan on spending a couple of weeks amongst the beauty of nature to help in my healing from grief and re-creation of my emotional and spiritual strength for the work that lies ahead. Talking to a Franciscan friend Patricia said that visiting a number of years ago, she fell under the Power of Bear Butte and "could not leave." She and her friend spent everyday at the site doing rituals and experiencing the spiritual power in that place. It sounds like a "cathedral of nature." Just what I need.


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