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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Request for prayers for sight

Hello to all, Jason got his glasses, two pairs ones for distance work fine. The glasses for reading, however, "It is still blurry." We will go back to optometry over the next few days get Jason's eye rechecked and see if there is any changes in glasses that will help. Please keep Jason's eyesight in your holiday prayers. Also Jason's scar tissue in the left arm surgery scar is beginning to adhere to his tendon. Please pray that this does not continue. Pray that the excess bone forming in his left arm will be "broken loose" by PT and OT and not need surgery. Nice Christmas gifts for Jason to receive.

Jason and Dow spend at least an hour a day on the phone talking to universities etc. Preparing for Jason's future that will include a possible MBA or degree in International Affairs. Today Jason talked to the University of Florida at Gainseville. The staff were very positive toward having Jason apply. Jodi is attending school there, preparing to go to Vetenarian (Sp) School also located there.

I found Jason this morning in PT. Kyla had attached electodes to Jason's face for a "shock treatment." I found it interesting that the electrodes are attached to a small black box about the size of a package of cigarettes. Jason could control the strength of the electric current. Before long his face was twitching, the left more than the right. The treatment lasted for 1/2 hour. Jason said it felt "tingly." Sort of like acupuncture, I thought. Patrice was visiting Jason discussing possibilities for shopping for Jodi for Christmas. We kept looking at Jason's face with its involuntary movements, sorta distracting but fascinating to me. I guess it is polite to watch someone undergoing such a treatment cause you can't talk to someone and not look at him.

For OT, Heidi wanted to move the session to his room in order to practice ADL (activities of daily living) Jason practiced putting on shorts with a gripper, showed Heidi how he could cut meat with the knife given to him by OT and reviewed how to put on a tee shirt. She wants to help Jason learn to put on socks with a sock assist. Jason, sitting on a chair does not have the flexibility to reach with his left hand to his toes. The right hip and buttock injuries keep him from being able to do so.

Alison came to visit Jason and after lunch we headed back to OT where we met Martha and her RN friend from Korea. Martha brought beer and a matching logo tee shirt from Thailand for Jason. This time Heidi was doing massage on Jason's arm to break loose the scar tissue. We couldn't go out to the regular PT because a promotion ceremony was taking place. An Iraqi vet was being promoted to Sargeant. Then we went back to PT for an afternoon of arm exercises to build upper body strength with Kyla. Jason received a Christmas check of $500 from a group by a representative of the VA. That's why we are going shopping tomorrow.

After the exercises, we went back to Jason's room where Dow and Jason completed a very, very long form from vocational rehab. It was one of those "Do you like to work on a team or by yourself?" surveys. It also had questions like, "Would you like to run a cookie factory? or "enter data?" Jason "Heck yes, I'd like to run a cookie factory." When we were talking about jobs Jason said one he thought about would be to manage "a stadium, and it was the one in Tampa" Not any stadium but just that one. I never knew just how much Jason likes football but I am learning.

After completing the survey, Jason and we ate dinner from the mess hall in his room. Jason decided he wanted to walk because now his therapies are from 8:30 to 12 and 1 to 4 and he is loosing his walking time. We did 5 laps around the floor and returned to write a thank you note, organize the varied gifts (including a real gallon paint can filled with candy) that are being delivered to the soldiers by many groups. We listened to Cracker on Jason's IPOD and left at 9 when Jodi called for their regular "evening phone chat." A soldier was crying out in pain last night and kept Jason up for two hours. He had surgery today and arrived back in his room about 8 PM. Do say a pray that he is free from pain, and that both he and Jason will get a quiet night's sleep.


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