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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Jason's "Normal Day"-first week of January

Today was the first day I took morning shift with Dow returned to Chicago. Up bright and early I was at Jason's WR hospital door at 7:30 AM. I woke him up "Give me a few minutes," so I refilled the "drink ice cooler" and returned. I assisted Jason in the shower for the first time. It is down the hall and as far as I know Jason is the only one to use it. Jason doesn't use the one in the room because the one in the ward has a ledge on which he can put his shampoo, body wash and washcloth. As he only has one hand, he pours the body wash on the cloth and uses it to wash. Jason uses lots of towels as the room is cool when he gets out of the shower.

After shower and dressing we returned to his room where I used the medicated soaps given to Jason by dermatology for the skin breakout on his face to wash his face. He shaved with the electric razor not using a mirror. Said he did it without a mirror in Iraq After his usual breakfast of Ensure and cream cheese on bagel. I no longer have to cut it into slivers, Jason can now open his mourth wide enough to eat the bagel normally. The bagel is not large, but one of those you buy in a package of six.

Off to PT where Kyla changed the position of the electrodes to where the jaw bone meets skull, up by the ear. Jason could tell the difference in jaw movement after the 30 minute treatment. He now can stick his own finger between his teeth and Kyla can stick her thumb. (don't you love the measuring tools in this hi-tech world :-)). Jason says he almost falls asleep during the treatment, he's lying still, closes his eyes... Kyla also worked on his stretching the right hip, first using a towel wrapped arm under the knee, with leg hanging off the table and bending the leg in toward the table. She then used the strap.

Jason's residual arm is sensitive and because the nerves now end in strange places-not in his hand, when the arm is stimulated Jason "feels his fingers, etc." So cream is applied to the end of the arm and a vibrator is used to desensitize the area which will be under his prosthesis when worn. Jason has a vibrator in his room but we have not yet used it. In OT Jason places his left arm in simulated corn husks, finely ground and heated, today, to 114 degrees. This increases blood flow to the arm and relieves pain. While Jason was doing this a soldier named Chad Dennis from Ft. Stewart the same brigade, who had been a patient because he lost his foot to a land mine, visited with Jason and brought him up to date on the deployment back to the US.

Jason returned to his room for the 12:00 standing call with Jodi and I met with Grizzell, Jason's social worker to discuss reading aides. Jason's reading glasses still leave him with "unclear letters" and he cannot read well. He is able to read the computer with the largest font for internet work. Grizzell had done research and had about 1" of possible resources. Jason's interdisciplinary team meets tomorrow and she will bring up the need to work on his reading ability as one option for Jason is to return to graduate school with costs supported by the VA. I would like Jason to keep experimenting with all the reading aides necessary so that he can read as best he can. We talked about a book holder, page turners magnifiers, and computer aides. Grizzell says they now have a scanncr that reads the page and then makes an audio of it so you can listen to the book. Grizzell was impressed how much technology exists to support those with limited vision.

Then it was back to OT and PT for Jason for his afternoon sessions. I worked on chores and returned in time to his room to work on reviewing required materials to submit applications to business schools at Un. of MI and Un. of Florida. Preparing the essays will keep us busy. Jason was in stitches at the short/long essay questions because being in the army in a war zone gives much different answers than being from the American corporate world. Jason's experience is unique to say the least when he thought about answering questions "in a way the committee would look favorably on the answers." Being a LT, Jason said, "When I put on the uniform till 12 hours later, I was a leader and in command, 24/7."

Jason's new head MD for rehab stopped by and we gave him the list of items Jason needed follow-up on. He said he was open to alternative therapies to loosen the hip including massage, so we will see what develops. Dr. Garvey stopped by and checked Jason's eyes. Jason has an appointment on Friday to test his eye and re-prescribe glasses. Later I helped Jason prepare to eat his dinner of a roast beef sandwich with provolone cheese, dipped in ketchup (his choice) followed by a peppermint patty. Believe he drank OJ for dinner, refused his bunny ice cream cup which he used to love on arrival to WR. Jason wanted to eat standing up, MD's want him sitting or standing or walking.

We then went to work on the computer so Jason could read and write emails. A first for me. Jason put a pad on the chair, I helped him down into it and he pulled the computer table to himself. He was excited as he found out that Dr. Garvey had a number for Oakley prescription glasses that give a 15% discount to service persons. Jason loves the idea and doesn't want to wear anything else. Jason worked on answering and writing emails to his friends including his friend Dan who is on asisignment in the Middle East. We also spent time making phone calls for his checking, banking, credit card, telephone etc. One of the phone calls was to Ft. Stewart and Jason found out his gear from Iraq was there. The army was to have shipped it to Chicago. Now Jason will have to decide what to do with it. In it is his cell phone but of course he doesn't know where! but he wants it badly.

I gave him a hug and headed out the door to Quixote center for liturgy and pot luck dinner to celebrate my birthday. Martha brought ham, cherry sauce, salad, and key lime pie. When we enter the room, filled with art from Nicaraqua (sp), I enter a spiritually sacred place of deep peace. The peaceful stillness fills my soul and I am thankful to be with these justice and peacemakers. After the liturgy we celebrate my birthday by listening to the adventures of Dolly and Bill and their "Outward Bound for seniors" They went to Spain to visit the Don Quixote era and villages during the holidays. It took them 38 hours to get from DC to Madrid! and I believe 22 hours to return. A blessed evening with good friends.

Blessings and peace to you, thank you for being on the journey of Jason's healing with us.


Blogger Dennis said...

Happy birthday, Katy! You can expect both a late birthday and Xmas gift from me. I am so pleased with Jason's progress, and I pray that he can have his own apartment soon. Thank God for quixotic moments and the center too. Have a joyous Twelfth Night Thursday. Love to Jason and your whole family...

Dennis Folsom, Pulaski, VA

Thursday, January 05, 2006 7:14:00 AM  

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