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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Time for a movie and really long time eating out

Jason slept in on this Saturday morning till 8:30 AM, awakened by Col Martha who wanted to discuss plans for the afternoon. I arrived shortly thereafter, helped with breakfast and dressing and we headed off to PT at 10 AM. Many more patients are returning from holiday leaves so the room quickly filled including a boy about 12 with a leg injury. Jason practiced stepping over cones, using one foot at a time. Jason too the PT, placed weights on Jason's right leg to help stretch the leg out of the socket. Jason is up to 12 pounds of weight to help gravity pull the leg down. While Jason did his leg lifts and crunches, I worked out on the treadmill, decided I had better get busy walking fast because Jason's gait is increasing.

We returned to Jason's room for lunch and noon phone call from Jodi who is with her National Guard unit this weekend. After we worked on completing college application forms while we waited for Col Martha to come. Dow called and talked to Jason while I visited with the parents of a soldier near Jason. This soldier had to have his foot amputated as the MD's could not save it, he turned 21 this week. He was having a "bad day after surgery" and we talked about what you can do when you "can't sit and wait anymore." Both parents have to return to CA on Monday and this is a very difficult time for them. The soldier immediately next to Jason had a great visit from his unit which had just returned from Iraq. He is 82 Airborne and about 10 guys were visiting. I helped take a "collective picture" and said, "Look lively you Marines!" which really got them going because they are ARMY!

Martha arrived and we headed for the "great escape from WR van" and headed for Silver Spring. We saw Harry Potter, Jason had not yet seen and the timing worked, shopped at Borders for a book for Jason "to celebrate when I get my glasses next week" and had a very late dinner at the Macaroni Grill. First the buzzer to call us to the table never went off. Jason checked with the reception person and...."Yes, your table is free." I guess we could have waited all night. We had a waitress who didn't "wait" on us. I had to approach her at a different table and ask her to take our order! needless to say she got a minimal tip from Jason who insisted on taking us out to dinner as his thanks to Martha for all she has done for him.

Dr. Aquila did receive the cat scan results and does not think that the calcification warrants surgery. Please pray that the nerves in Jason's face heal. The nerves were really bothersome today with itching and burning. Pray that we find a good masseuse who can help reduce the scar tissue in Jason's buttock region.

Blessings to all the people who are so kind to Jason whether it be in sending cards, gifts, kind words, or visits. May people who are rude to those who are disabled as people were to Jason in the theater realize their lack of compassion and grow in their awareness of and concern for others.


Anonymous dorothy franks said...

It's so good to hear the recent news of Jason's recovery. Especially his sight. The wonder of prayer and love has surely been proven here! Keep up the good work and we'll keep the prayers
coming from Texas. Dorothy Franks
(Spence Burnett's friend and
Texa mom). PS: How about that
Texas team in the Rose Bowl???

Sunday, January 08, 2006 2:09:00 AM  
Blogger erica said...

I'm Jodi's friend Erica, I'm an OT who lives in Orlando. I've been reading the blog for awhile now, fascinated by the recovery process and also thrilled that he is doing so well. I think it's great that he is reading and walking so well, I told Jodi he'd do great. Please, a young soldier? All the confidence and determination in the world. He could probably fly if the doctor told him there would be a slim chance of it :)

Sunday, January 08, 2006 7:39:00 PM  

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