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Friday, January 06, 2006

Let's get tested!

Jason started his day with a shower and his usual breakfast of bagel and cream cheese and can of ensure. Jason headed for PT where Kyla worked on stretches with his leg. Then to OT where Jason was working on ADL-putting on shoes and socks. Jason feels that if he can reach his shoes, which he can't at this time, he will have no trouble getting himself dressed. Jason can now put on a tee shirt by himself. Heidi wants him to practice getting dressed by himself so he can become more independent. Joseph another OT was having Jason practice getting down on a mat that can be lowered and raised. Jason could manage getting down to about 25 inches. He has no trouble getting in or out of the hospital bed because he can move the height to any level he needs. Joseph had Jason do leg squats to strenghten the muscles in his left leg to better help him get up.

Jason and I had an accident yesterday. He moved to sit down at the computer chair and I could not hold him. Jason and I and the chair went sliding across the floor until he hit the wall. I wracked up my leg and the chairback got my arm. I already knew and this incident confirmed if Jason falls, I will not be able to hold him. We asked a nurse to help when he was finished and needed to get up out of the chair.

Remember yesterday was let's schedule a test for Jason! So today it was let's find ultra sound...
The cat scan folks left a message for Jason on the "magic marker message board" in Jason's room. They wanted to see him at 13:00 (military time drives me into "let me see... 12 is noon so 13 must be 1:00 PM" The later in the day it is the harder it becomes for me to tell time. After 3 months under this system I am in no way getting any better with being able to tell time!).

Jason had an appointment scheduled with Dr. Garvey the optomatrist, if you remember from a week back at 13:30. Jason knew he could not get to Dr G if he tried for the cat scan first as you know how clinic MD appointments are. He had the RN call the cat scan and say "I'll see you later alligator (or something the 20 somethings would say)" and off we went to see Dr. G. on the first floor. Dr G had Jason put on those circle eye examiners to his prescription and gave him a book to read. Jason flew through the paragraph without stopping--this was medical textbook--and exclaimed "What the ___is going on! These letters are clear as a bell." Dr G looked "?" "Let's test your prescription" and guess what? The eyeglasses were made to the wrong prescription! Dr. G rewrote the prescription and I delivered it to the order department later. All right!!! One test down with an A Okay outcome, let's try for two.

This was the most interesting for me as I had never seen an ultrasound of blood vessels before. Kelly took her time and explained the workings and what she was doing and what we were seeing. (It made me a little queasy looking into Jason's tissues and pulsing veins) This technology was developed during the WWII and had to do with submarines, of course, more advanced today. The computer colors the vein blue and arterial blood red. If a clot existed, because of its density, I think, it would appear white, not colored like the blood. Kelly kept taking photos at the junctures where the vein or artery "branched." Jason and she got into a discussion of the history of tanks as one of her recent patients was a tanker in WWII. For the sound she had me squeeze Jason's right calf and the computer would make a sound sorta like a whale, but it changed as she would move her instrument lower on his leg. Kelly said because the vein was getting smaller. The sound change would show up as a high brushlike plume on her screen, really cool. The whole test probably took close to 1/2 hour. Kelly said, "No bloodclots" so as quick as Dr. Aquila gets the results he can unprescribe the Lovinex shots twice a day!!!

When we had arrived at ultrasound, after introductions, I asked Kelly if she could possible check with cat scan located in the same set of rooms about one for Jason. Remember we had been told that Catscan always came and got soldiers in the early hours of the morning. When I saw they were both in the same department it was a "no brainer," we could have them done one after the other. Kelly, truly an angel, said she would be glad to arrange the catscan for Jason and she did! God is good and gracious. When Jason was done with the ultra he and Kelly went to the Cscan while I headed to 7th and the glasses prescription office. Jason was back in his room by the time I handed off the prescription. I was surprised, it was that quick.

Three tests back to back to back 1:30 to 4, oops, 13;30 to 16:00. I was so relieved to hear the results of the first two, let us pray the third goes as well. I assume we will hear sometime Monday.

When we returned to Jason's room, Mike Manseau was there for a visit. Jason said, "Why don't we rent Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?" knowing I would watch that one with him. Mike graciously said, "I'll drive" so we headed to Silver Spring where I had to "buy" one DVD because it got lost in the Christmas rentals. We picked up some Smoked mozzarella and pasta and a Jamba Juice for Jason. Mike is not into movies so Jason and I watched it, ate our dinner and I headed for the apartment.

Blessings everyone and have a great weekend, especially our grandson JC who is celebrating his ninth birthday with friends. I hear an ice skating party and sleep over are in the works.


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