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Monday, January 02, 2006

Monday and New Year's again at WR

The hospital was quiet because of the holiday for staff so Monday had a "weekend feel."
Dow and I stayed at the Mologne House this morning to pack and discuss my becoming the only "non medical attendant" for Jason as Dow is returning to Chicago on Tuesday 1/3/06. Dow will return to WR some weekends to visit and other times if I am going to be away during the remainder of my family leave time from Heartland Hospice.

Jason did get up and do PT with aunt Connie in attendance. She said he followed his usual routine but also was doing a "step up" to the top of a cone about 8 inches high. Jason said it was to help loosen the right hip and for balance. After Jason began to watch the VT/St. Louis bowl game but decided we could leave as VT was loosing. We left in the rain, thank goodness WR has an underground parking garage and headed to the Macoroni Grill where Jason choose his own pasta and toppings, as did I. We then decided to walk to the Fine Arts Theater which was showing "Good Night, Good Luck" about Ed R. Murrow and McCarthy Communist hunts of the 50's. We were walking in pouring rain and when we got to the theater the movie was sold out! It looks like everyone was back in DC, tired of relatives and with the rain decided to "go to the movies" As Connie had to be back to catch a ride to the airport, we walked to the car in the rain and thought we might watch a movie in Jason's room.

On this trip, Jason was able to bend in and out of the van front seat by himself for the first time!! For me it is like watching him take his first steps again, and makes me so happy I always get tears which I try not to show. These "firsts for Jason" are such a gift of life and of God, it is impossible to describe how I feel. My heart soars for such moments of grace and blessing. I thank you for your prayers and good thoughts for Jason's continued and complete healing.

If you have read the blog, you know that TV's are in short supply on the ward, it has only one with DVD player. We could not use because it was not available, no "Brothers Grimm." Instead Jason decided to catch up on his email so we three watched as Jason surfed the net, deleted spam and the usual but for Jason his first time on the computer in many weeks. Jason was able to read the large type with his long distance glasses on. Jason decided to try a movie one more time-Aon Flux he says based on a TV late night cartoon. This one I opted out on-too violent and stayed with Connie to wait for Cathy Quinn and her ride to the airport.

I gave Connie a hug "Goodbye" and headed to the keyboard as "there have been complaints, the blog needs to be updated!" said Jason. You have been heard, Christmas is over, and the business of healing therapies begins in earnest tomorrow. Prayers and many blessings in your New Year!! Please continue to pray for Jason's healing of mind, body and spirit.
Dow's address in Chicago is 1038 W. Loyola Ave #1
Chicago Il 60626


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I hope you have had a wonderful birthday.

You will all continue in our prayers.


Pat Bolender

Tuesday, January 03, 2006 4:48:00 PM  

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