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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Jason's Christmas week/Request for Outings

Jason's routine has remained the same throughout this busy week.
Yesterday, Dec 31 during PT he had a 30 minute facial stimulation as he does each day.
Jason hung his foot with a ten pound weight off the table for 30 minutes to stretch his right hip joint. PT keeps increasing the weight as Jason's leg strengthens.
OT is working with his left hand trying to stretch out his thumb and break up the excess bone.
He continues to practice with the electronic hand.
Jason continues to do circuits around the floor as he desires and has energy to do.
On 12/31 Jason, lying on the PT table, did 200 crunches, 200 bridges; both of these with legs over a bolster. He also did 100 leg lifts with 10 pound weights on each leg.
After 1/2 Jason will have a CT scan of his right hip to check on the reasons for his diffiuclty in walking.
Jason will also revisit the opthamoligist to continue to correct his vision so he can read easily. He can read large print on the computer at this time.

Jason now has cabin fever and wants to be out of the hospital each day on the weekend.
If you have a van or SUV (high front seat) that Jason can get in and out of we encourage you to invite Jason on an outing around Silver Spring. He loves movies and eating out of the hospital. Jason's tolerance for car rides is short as his hip needs much healing and bumps in the road are especially painful.

Jason had visitors this Christmas week. Jim Bishop, a friend of Dow's and Jason's from VA days, now a prof in NM visited. Paul Stromberg a high school friend from Blacksburg, and his wife Catherine visited. Lisa and family arrived late Christmas day and visited all week. Charlie arrived on Wednesday and Lisa and he took turns spending time with Jason. Visits with the children and Jason were kept brief as Jason requested. Three children are too high level of energy for him as his healing continues.

Jason story:
Jason said that he could take the loss of his right arm and vision in his eye because they were done by the Iraqis in the war. BUT when the docs told him about the "Iraqi spot" arising from how he was strapped to the stretcher for 5 days he got upset. This was done by Amercians to an American! "The American medics in the field follow procedures" So Jason argues, "Tell these guys to put a towel, shirt, BDU under my head before they strap me down!" Jason really gets adamant and animated about this topic. Men and their head of hair, as a woman I never knew what an emotional issue it is for a man's self image. Is it just me?

Jason said that one of the best treats in Iraq was iced circus animals. Someone sent the platoon a five pound bag and Jason and Bennie his gunner ate about 2 pounds. They decided to take the rest out and munch on them during patrol (8 hours every day in a humvee) . One small problem-icing meets Iraqi heat. Jason said, "Benson stuck his hand in the bag and out came a hand dripping in melted icing!" He thought this was the funniest thing! of course no cookies. Jason told this story was because one of the new arrivals on the ward celebrated his 21st birthday today (1/2/06). Jason, Connie and I stopped by to say "Happy Birthday" and his dad offered Jason the rest of the bag, also this soldier's favorite while in Iraq.


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